For a brief moment you had thought about telling them to wait, playing it off that you stood on the back of your shoe, but you thought against it as the rain started falling. He brought his face close to yours, teasingly close. More difficult than you had ever imagined. The looooong journey to love: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Even after one of your good friends points out that you might be giving people the wrong idea because of how much fun you seem to be having with Yasuto? Episode 4 You remembered Maybe I was? Episode 8 Why do you think?

But he kissed you again, deeper than the last one. Your shaking hands began to tie a noose. On Day 1 we were complete strangers, but 4 days later sure can feel like an absolute eternity. If you go, I go. I will say that I liked Taketo better in the first several chapters of the story than in the later chapters when he becomes less confident and more distant. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Who knows until the wedding. Chapter 1 ends really abruptly after you give Taketo your handkerchief.

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If you were mad? He kissed you gently and smiled warmly when you finally smiled for the first time in weeks.


Yamato walked in front of you and held you to him. You were grateful that you had friends like that. No one could see the marks on your arms.


You noticed that Hiroshi was stood in the doorway, eyes wide. Would he love you the same if you were sad? When Yasuto starts to notice you, Taketo backs off like a wounded puppy. Okay, time to get back on track.

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I will say that I liked Taketo better in the first several chapters of the story than in the later chapters when he becomes less confident and more distant. Episode 1 I enjoy it What are you, a matchmaker? His hold on you was different than normal. Ravyn Friday, 17 March at You cut through a park with a river running through it. JavaScript is required to view this site. Yet you always hid it smoothly, acting like your normal self in front of everyone.

You turned to look away in shame, not wanting to be near them anymore through fear that they would scold you. We can tell Takao and it can be dealt with without anyone knowing. He closed the draw silently. I know you, Taketo. Episode 3 I was really happy. The looooong journey to love: So before I jump into a description of Taketo. You even found it hard to hang out with the gang.

But his head nestled against your own and Ren joining the hug made everything easier.

As you thought, you were enveloped in a warm embrace. Chapter 2 I do want it Chapter 3 Anything, right?

You wanted them to get home safely, not getting a cold from your grey mood. You need someone better than me. Episode 2 3 hours?! They would put you first.


For 3 days, I believe. You even found yourself staying up every night finishing off homework that you never got round to because of other homeworks. Some of them are super cute and funny.

Episode 4 You’re not lame I can live with that Sit to his right Season 3 seems to take place some time after college, with Taketo now training and the MC working who-knows-where.

And you knew Ren would be there for you. It allowed you freedom. Episode 1 We could’ve picked a hotel room I’m still good!

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He brought his face close to yours, teasingly close. By continuing to use this website, you agree takeot their use. In turn, you grimaced, clenching you fist in his jumper. At the start of the game you are given the option to enter your email address so that the characters mainly your prime love interest can send you messages. They would do whatever they could to get it sorted.