I’ll run him right through! We’ll make these Ottomans dance a jig, Who’ve chased the King of France like a pig. When poor John the Valiant surveyed the whole scene, He came to, as if waking out of a dream: Then a scheme in John’s brain began hatching itself. Only He who knows all things could get them numbered. John walked through this region extremely amazed, When before him a thick shadow blackly upraised.

He paused, and he drew out his cherished flute, And started to whisper his saddest tune through it; The dew, as it settled on bushes and grass, Might have been the stars weeping for Johnny, alas. But first he turned back. Johnny shook all the drops off his great sheepskin coat, And as soon as he shook it, set out on his road. The King and the troops walked him down to the ship, And all of them wished him a prosperous trip, And their eyes gazed on after his watery trail, Till the distance concealed him in its misty veil. I hope in the next world I still may caress you. Oh, thrown him down headlong the griffin would have, Yes, dashed him to pieces, if she only could have, But brave John the Valiant, he just wouldn’t let her, And he clung to her waist and her neck all the better. At the porch door, he lifted his hand, but it faltered; In his breast, how his breath nearly stopped, and then altered; At last, he threw open the door, but in place Of his Nelly a stranger stared into his face. The tune woke her up, she threw back the bedcover, And leapt up to rush down and see her dear lover.

The dragon forthwith sprawled his limbs far and wide, And groaning the last of his broken life, died. The young fairy children spin rainbows up there From the radiant beams in the eyes of the fair; When a rainbow’s been spun to a suitable size, It is hung in the vault of the overcast skies. Valiant John told himself, “That’s enough for one day,” As he sat down to rest from the furious fray.

Johnny steadied his long shepherd’s crook under him, And then he bent downward his big hat’s broad brim, His great shaggy cloak he had flipped inside out Like a tent, while he watched the wild thundercloud spout.

May fiilm good Lord above not forgive her that crime!

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So he rolled up his sleeves; on the wild beasts he dashed With vigour and vim, and his bright sword now flashed; They defended themselves with might and with main, But despite that, the three savage lions were slain. The sun had declined, Spreading a rosy-red sunset behind; The red sunset also was soon lost to sight, Replaced by the waning moon’s yellowy light.


Nem hazudok, de volt akkora kapuja, Hogy, hogy Johnny shook all the drops off his great sheepskin coat, And as soon as he shook it, set out on his road. To his giant-serfs Valiant John then bade goodbye, Reminding them they’d pledged him their fealty.


How on earth could they help it? You know me – the little girl living next door Who was always at Nelly’s house, in and out And Valiant John’s fortune, what was it that day. All the same, amidst all of this hopelessness We loved one another not one jot less.

He instantly sprang to the Magyars’ defence, Since he’d taken a journey through Hungary once, And the friendly, good-hearted Hungarians then Had seemed to that king the most decent of men.

The boatmen all feared they should soon come to harm, As will commonly happen in such a loud storm.

You’re not worth my hand sending you into the grave. Despair cast him down in his heart’s deepest well, As he sadly remembered his dear-beloved Nell. Then John blew his whistle as loud as could be, And the giants flew to him immediately. And yet, of the world in their sweet dreams displayed, Fairyland in itself is only a shade.

John walked through this region extremely amazed, When before him a thick shadow blackly upraised. They bask in the splendour of springtime for ever; No sunrise, no sunset – no sunlight is shed, Dawn plays there unendingly, rosy and red. Frantically into the water he sped, And delivered the girl who’d been raised from the dead. It’s the last time you’ll hear my unhappy flute sing; It’s the last time I’ll clasp you,” he said with a sigh, “This is farewell for ever, our final goodbye!

Among the kernels of corn they found me, And so with the name Grain of Corn they crowned me. But the storm that had suddenly piled up so high, Just as suddenly now had fled out of the sky.

Meeting John, did the fairies fly off out of fear? My conscience has not yet turned totally rotten. The dog-headed Tartars’ commander-in-chief Barked out to the Magyars his challenge in brief: Let the world fall to pieces if I can have this! To the right and the left all the bandits had tipped, Johnny looked at them snoring and here’s what he quipped: The giants’ guard spotting him quickly turned grim, And he boomed out a thunderous challenge to him: When you see a crushed flower that has been dropped behind, May your languishing sweetheart come into your mind.


We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Nell had dropped off to sleep at the front of the porch Where in summertime she used to lie on her couch. The wide earth had put on its clothing of black, The sky boomed appallingly, lightning bolts cracked; All at once the clouds opened their gutters and poured, While the pond water spewed up thick bubbles and roared.

But catch them they did, and they swept like a mower, The heads fell before them, like poppies in flower. Children, just wait and see!

Babel Web Anthology :: Petőfi Sándor: John the Valiant (complete) (János Vitéz (teljes) in English)

Well, the son of the pasha was galloping there, Holding something so white fulm his lap and so fair. Who magyaru how much else Nelly might have been pained in, If my threats hadn’t kept her stepmother reined in.

But the way Johnny looked could provide her no cheer, And what she came out with gave words to her fear: We must talk to your father before we decide. Not to him but the deckhands the helmsman then said: I shall join you for lunch and I won’t eat a lotOnly one thing I beg, something easy to do, Would you break off a little wee chunk I can chew. If ever my fortunes should run me in trouble, When I call, you’ll appear at my side teies the double.

The giant obeyed, and he instantly plucked her, And high aloft into the air he chucked her. It was almost entirely light in the region, And the turn of the very last witch of the legion Only He who knows all things could get them numbered. He remembered the bountiful days that had been, When the flame in Nell’s heart still burned bright and clean, In her heart and her face – which were both now stone tees In the cold, cold earth, withering ,agyarul the mould. Why didn’t I find my grave in the sea?

John also woke up at the crow of the cock, The piercing cold made his frame shiver and knock; Across the graves’ grasses a bitter wind flowed, He stood up on his feet and set off on his road.