Bob Barnes is ultimately a company man who’s trying to do his job well and put his son through college. There are not many Arab-speaking operatives left in the Middle East, which is a danger. Barnes is a CIA operative whose job is to set up assassinations of foreign rulers, leaders, or others in positions of power and influence which go against the strategic global policy of the United States. Meanwhile, in Georgetown, D. Syriana is an American movie that reaches out beyond itself. In the USA, the Justice Department is investigating the proposed merger of the two major oil companies. Emir Hamad, soon to step down, is under pressure to choose an heir.

Barnes makes his superiors nervous by writing memos about the missile theft and is subsequently reassigned to a desk job. The Prince’s car is exploded by a bomb from a US drone. The New York Observer. British Board of Film Classification. In other projects Wikiquote. Barnes is a CIA operative whose job is to set up assassinations of foreign rulers, leaders, or others in positions of power and influence which go against the strategic global policy of the United States. American oil companies Connex and smaller Killen are undergoing a merger, the new company named Connex-Killen. At any rate, here it’s George getting the fingernail-extraction treatment in a basement, which he greets with hardly more than a manly teeth-clenching growl, and in a later scene he’s striding through customs with a couple of plasters round his fingertips, with nary a stress counsellor or therapist in sight.

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View All Critic Reviews George Clooney as Bob Barnes. In the emirate, Wasim and his father are unable to find jobs and consequently are forced to report to immigration, where they are pushed and clubbed into submission by members of the military, who despise the Pakistani outsiders. Bob is depicted as an idealist, a devoted company man who has always believed that his work benefits his government and makes his country a safer place to live.


A corporate summxry faces a moral dilemma as he finesses the questionable merger of two powerful U. There are no less than five sets of fathers and sons in the film. But what complicates the plot is writer-director Stephen Gaghan’s reluctance to criticise America too much. Bryan is an energy analyst at an energy trading company, who lives in Geneva with his family. A film that treats its audience as adults, this is an extremely rewarding work that handsomely pays off the concentration required to watch it.

Because the transfer was signed by Danny Dalton, a Texas oilman working with Danny Pope, and a member skmmary the CLI, Bennett realizes that the document could appease the Justice Department by proving an illegal money link between Killen and Kazakhstan.

He got a goddamn Nobel Prize. Pope asks Holiday whether a person at Holiday’s firm above him would be sufficient as the additional body. One aspect of Bob’s storyline is the systematic deconstruction of the CIA and what the effects of that are. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Some of those may try to take matters into their own hands for their form of ayriana.

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In other projects Wikiquote. Retrieved February 28, Everything about the film summagy true, from the dialogue, to the locations, to the interactions. Clooney’s CIA character, and perhaps the whole film, may be inspired by the Valerie Plame affair ofin which Bush administration officials allegedly leaked Plame’s identity as a CIA agent to the press in retribution for her husband Joseph C Wilson, a US diplomat, criticising the Iraq war.

As night falls, the lights in the estate’s pool switch on, triggering an undetected short in the sjriana. Bob gets caught in what is basically a downsizing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Enter your email address and we’ll send you instructions on how to access your account.


You want people to be standing around the water cooler the next day talking about it, saying, here’s what I agree with, or here’s where theyre wrong. The New York Observer.

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Login with your social network: Starting from there, I tried to focus on how this whole world of clandestine information worked. Click on a plot link to find similar books! Corruption is why we win. Syriana is an American movie that reaches out beyond itself.

Barnes is close to death and Mussawi is ready to kill Barnes. Please confirm or sumary it below to complete your profile. At the Connex-Killen loading facility in the Gulf, Connex executives celebrate the return of their company to the region.

The only Muslims are extremists and suicide bombers. The film’s central units are nation-states, though at least half of them are fictionalized, such as Nasir’s unnamed country. In Tehran, Iran, CIA agent Bob Barnes, on a covert mission to assassinate two Iranian arms dealers, lures them into a trap by offering to sell them two Stinger missiles.

Syriana is a top notch political Thriller. Bob is tied to a chair with his hands on a table Bob, your gonna give me syrana names of everyone who has taken money from you.

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