Why did this happen to me?! And the charms keep it interesting, and for some reason it makes me look…bustier. You should have said something if you want me to leave you alone Kitty-Elena. Was that supposed to be a compliment? She asked you to leave her alone. Well of course, it melts so fast in the sun. So I walk around and I realize that as soon as princess has her ice cream it will be something else so I need to do something else. But a video game?

Haha…unbelivable… So in the middle furthest from the water. I find Castiel then, since the guide says you have to speak to Iris first. There are nine different places at the beach, three different sides and you can go close to the water, middle, or far from the water. JavaScript is required to view this site. Come on, give me that. Do you need something?

The more you know. Oh he is so protective! Posted under My Candy Love. Are you going to give me a kiss? My head was totally in the clouds…It seems that Castiel is quite close to Iris, I never noticed that before.

I though tthis was going to be an ideal day to go to the beach, but it looks like the water is a bit cold and there are some clouds now… Kitty-Elena: Do you come here often? You get the dolphin necklace!

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But they are really nice…. I should have been direct from the start! So now Dake is going to show up?


He gave me a little bottle of water. I lived in another city before. Technically no one asked him, but I did ask you not to touch me and episodee I have a friend I have to go swimming with. Your imagining things, were just having fuin is all. If she does anything it will be on me….

She has one tattoo!

Is this my punishment for what I did to Amber?! Yeah…but only because I have nothing better to do! Here is your sunscreen. What is that face? Oh man, you guys are weird…. Of course I do! There are nine different places at the beach, three different sides and you can go close to the water, amorls, or far from the water. I was just about to taste my ice cream but Castiel leaned into me and tasted it first. Yes…I mean, he came all by himself.

Your sunscreen is new, I thought you already had some… Seriously bitch? Forget about your friend, come with me! Are you scared to lose? Most recent Most popular Most recent. I hate her guts but I like her stomach belt. I walk forword to the ocean and immediately.

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What is his hand doing? She took her things and ran away. Never mind that I own six other swimsuits, I must buy a new one to go to the beach. I go forword once to be right near the ocean on the left and there is Dake.


My psychology teacher explained it how they are saying how they have such a hard life. At the end of it all Dake is So I walk around trying to find him…I spend 32 AP finding him. And one of my eyes are gold! I had to buy myself another ice cream cone…sigh. Strawberry is a classic! In any case, you wasted your time.

So now new objective to talk to Nathaniel twice. Do you want me to give you a towel to warm you up?

My bikini top fell off! Walkaround till you find her, I found her furthest from the water in the middle. You are commenting using your WordPress. I find them in the middle farthest away from the ocean. I was being ironic. Scuse me; I mustache you a question! Honestly I love ice cream and I especially love gelato. So finally I find him. I got some sunscreen! I would argue the idiot comment but the one thing you are right about is I will never be able to do anything to change the fact that you are his sister, the only people who can change that are you or him.