My friends asked for it and I did it. In her music, Edward finds the piece of himself that he never knew he was missing. When Bella suddenly begins to feel ill, he offers her a ride home How am I supposed to do this without you? Who is this girl, and why does she cry every night? Getting Azula Home by writteninbluefire reviews It’s been a few years since the end of the hundred year war. Enter Embry Call, a man she feels inexplicably drawn to, and life becomes complicated again. Anne Boleyn and Henry have to deal with the rebellion against the religious reforms, and the great tragedy befalls the nation.

Desires by SacredAlessa reviews Nico wants something, and of course Percy delivers. Dying Fire by ourunivers3 reviews Aria’s childhood wasn’t exactly a warm welcome. Tales of romance in Germany for an unlikely perfect couple. Sky reviews “The girls are always hot and the beer is ice cold. Bella is lonely and Jacob is there. Save Me by Dixie-Filly reviews Kyra is the daughter of famous ex vampire hunters who were working on a cure to falling to level E.

She’s supposed to be everything he’s looking for but what will he do when it turns out she lied? Will she be able to concentrate during class with a green eyed hottie?

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Probably AH, but can be read however you please. What will Edward do, to show Bella who she belongs to?


It’s a series of adventures that Bella and Edward take after her change into a vampire. The first thing she sees as she comes back to the world is a pair of green eyes—her doctor’s eyes. Part of the Grim Tales one-shots, male Olympian style.

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Highlander by Namariel reviews Scotland, April Edward gets framed by Jacob and is sent to jail sierq 7yrs. His only hope is to find the match to the panties she left behind. But when Robin’s past rears its head in the night of Jump City, the Titans are thrown into a whole new nightmare.

Read and find out. When one says nothing, no one can be harmed. Can anyone help her?

When Edward comes back in New Moon, Bella’s not so sure she can trust him. Tradeoff by Jubalii reviews So a letter gets misplaced.

Sweet Pea by der kapitan reviews High school is a battleground, and Aome but one of many soldiers on the sierra. Led by his brother, Carlisle Cullen, they had robbed eight banks in only five years. Summer love does exist Perhaps, though, the worst part was that he knew exactly what was missing His father orders him to marry within the month or lose his inheritance. The executions of Thomas More and Bishop Fisher shock the common people and have outrageous consequences.


What if Edward had died inand what if he never really left his former home? Their families are sworn enemies, amorls for territory over their rival drug trafficking businesses. M – English – Romance – Chapters: A tale in three parts. An inside-look at what really happened in chapter 23 of Only We Know! Lust and Blood by fifi-fictionalize reviews Edward and Bella explore their boundaries with unexpected – but good – results.


For I Have Sinned by Cumor reviews A young novice priest attempts to counsel a hapless sinner and gets much more than he bargains for. A wish sends Bella back in time to Chicago,and to a human Edward.

And Edward’s suicide trip to Italy was successful. Riven is home for summer break and he brought his friends with him. Ssweet Maya by Blue Deity reviews News of a jailbreak doesn’t seem that important, but the aftermath of it could lead to a cover up being exposed and the devastation of Phoenix and Maya’s relationship.

Set during Breaking Dawn. Rated M for heavy violence and gory scenes But Erik has a secret that he tries to keep from Christine in order to protect her. Sequel to my one-shot discovered desires, dangerous desperation AU Twilight – Rated: