Spencer does his best to convince the Jury to vote for Tony. Jeremiah knows this could get him voted out. I understand from his background he felt he made the right decision but he said it himself: Follow Rob Facebook Youtube Twitter. Spencer then asks Tony for a private word and the pair goes off together. Woo asks Spencer if, as a fan of the game, he would respect him for taking a goat to the end. Tony and Woo begin to struggle as Kass places pieces with ease and Spencer edges closer to victory.

True to his word, Spencer casts a vote for Tony. Tony explains that it feels safe having someone you trust visit you and that promises in Survivor and in real life are different. Stephen was saddened by the LJ challenge failings but loved the Brains just doing horrible at the water tossing despite practicing. Email required Address never made public. We can reveal that next season will be filmed once again in Nicaragua, in San Juan Del Sur — the same location as season twenty-one and twenty-two. Sarah explains she knew Tony was a cop from the beginning because of the way he observed people. The show can work without returning players.

The first two are split between Spencer and Woo.

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Each time you knock it off you get a point. Woo got balls bringing Tony to the end. Despite Trish’s claims to the contrary, it wasn’t clear that everyone else saw Lindsey as lazy. Cagaan Kass returns to the maze with a slight lead over Tony and Woo and manages to find her third medallion just ahead of the boys. Everyone congratulates each other on reaching the Final Four.


cagaysn Jeff questions why Tony voted fro Trish. Still, Episode 3 is next week! She says she would rather lose a million dollars than let her daughter see her flip out on TV. I say bitter vote. We put the ‘lose’ in Luzon Ep.

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If the guy votes out Tony he wins nine-zero, but instead stays loyal and gets blown out of he water by Rdcap. Standing pat at deadline Rangers NHL trade rumors: She gets along with everyone episodde except maybe Trish, which places her in the best position on the tribe. He acknowledges that he has a lot of explaining to do to the Jury. They slap at each other and Trish asks if they can hit each other. He calls for a hidden immunity idol.

An absolutely incredible season comes to an end! For the challenge, the castaways will be perched on pole in the water.

Wpisode you count Rob also? However, all that said, I am totally going to use this guy as my new excuse to game the system.

Hantz-by-numbers is the opposite of that. Ignore the huge bump under the blankie! The reunion too was a bit blah. CBS Gecap the challenge, the castaways will be perched on pole in the water. Har, thee mud Ep. But even so, these two hours really fit together perfectly in a single storytelling arc.


Woo pushes back at him and eoisode his hand then shoves him. It just goes to show how harsh this game is. Tony attempts to be subtle but aggressive in pleading his case that Woo should vote out Kass. The decision to have this two-hour premiere of Cagayan worked spectacularly well, simply because the closing half-hour of what would otherwise have been Episode 2 was so strong.

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Tasha asks Tony how he managed to keep an alliance loyal to him despite all the lies he told. It will feature a cast of all new players paired together with a loved one for the second installment of the Blood vs. A little Sarah is survvior the way. Not to mention the usual duties of introducing three sets of new players, a long, complicated immunity challenge, and the in-camp decision-making about who gets booted, all of which had to fit into a standard one-hour boot cycle.

Tony is thrilled and calls it two for the price of one.

Their flag goes up and Solana has immunity in a huge win.