Woo wins the tray of ribs. Meanwhile, Tony retrieves all five bags quickly, followed by Woo and Latasha. The four medallions would open a chest filled with cogs. He heads off to read his scroll. Spencer, doubting Tony’s claim that he had a special idol, said that if Tony didn’t play his idol, they would vote for Tony on the revote. Returning to camp, Latasha is congratulated for her victory.

This is her third straight immunity challenge win. Trish Hegarty 48, Needham, Massachusetts. Cagayan Video – Meet the Castaways”. On Day 17, both tribes were anticipating a merge. The first castaway to solve the puzzle would win immunity. She agrees to vote for Jefra. Your credit will come later. Throughout the challenge, the Beauty and Brains tribes were neck-and-neck while Brawn constantly trailed.

Retrieved March sppoilers, Latasha is delighted when Spencer tells her the plan to vote out Jefra and agrees to support it. Goliath Edge of Extinction The first tribe to score two points wins coffee and pastries.

Survivor Spoilers: Immunity Challenge ‘Inside Track’ – Cagayan Week 10 [PHOTOS]

Ultimately, Jeremiah was spared over Alexis, who was voted out unanimously. The team of Spencer, Kass, and Woo initially fell behind, but Spencer managed to pull ahead with Kass’s help and win the reward. Upon arrival, the merge was confirmed and they were informed of a new hidden immunity idol with unspecified “different powers. If she had bid, she and Spencer would have had much better odds of getting the advantage and staying in the game.

Woo retrieves his balls and heads to the maze. Cliff Robinson 46, Newark, New Jersey. At the spa, Tony told Spencer and Jeremiah that things in his alliance were not as tight as they seemed, and offered them both the opportunity for them to all work together in the future. Retrieved March 2, After that, one member from each tribe must assemble a rotating puzzle.

The castaways were split into two teams of three, and would take turns throwing sandbags at a wall of wooden blocks that formed a puzzle, and when one puzzle was completely knocked down, the two teams would switch and begin rebuilding their respective puzzles. Tony caagayan bugged that they are barking orders at him, while they continue to just talk in the water.


First tribe to four points would get to raid the other tribe’s camp. Spencer also feels this auction will be important to his future in the game.

Tony knows that Spencer is desperate and therefore surbivor trustworthy right now, but he does plan on looking into the possibility that Jefra will vote against him. She agrees to vote for Jefra. After another 10 minutes, those still in the challenge would move to the narrowest section with their hands at the bottom section of the pole. In its third episode, Survivor: Spencer understands what Tony is saying, since he too got no food, but he also got no advantage.

Tony states that he was told that Jefra wanted to blindside him and vote him out.

There are two rocks in the bag — black and white. Despite being the last person to release their key, Kass made a huge comeback on the puzzle portion to win immunity. Retrieved March 6, Jefra Bland 22, Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Tony also found multiple hidden immunity idols, including a special one that could be used after the votes were read; he also lied about the special idol’s “different powers”—falsely insinuating it could be used at the Final Four.

Retrieved May 1, The first team to assemble the paddles to reveal the correct phrase would win a trip to Callao Cavewhere they would have a barbecue lunch. At Tribal Council, despite taunting from Kass and Spencer, Tony ultimately did not play either of his idols while Kass and Woo stayed with Tony and Trish, voting out Tasha and sending her to the jury. Spencer is devastated about his white rock. The Beauty tribe began looking survivlr Tribal Council spoilres LJ asked the tribe if anybody wanted to go home, but received no responses.

They play some erotic music while he takes a greedy bite and a gulp of his icy beer. When the tribes arrived to the challenge, host Jeff Probst told the castaways to drop their buffs, as the three tribes were being redistributed into two tribes.


Epoilers Tony, Spencer is there for one reason and one reason only. All three were flown by helicopter to their camps, while the remaining tribe members had to walk there. In the end, his idol wasn’t needed after Tony and Trish joined him and Jefra, forming a majority and eliminating Cliff, much to Lindsey and Woo’s surprise.

If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

Survivor recap: Cagayan’ recap: Idol Thoughts

Cagayan gained higher ratings and brought in more viewers in the 18—49 adult demographic than time-slot rival American Idol for the first time in the series’ history; the episode put up 2. Tony encourages 1 alliance to stay together for this vote, so they can make it to the top five. He explains that they will race to dig up bags from the sand and release balls inside them and move them through a table maze to get immunity.

They will have a one in six shot at winning the game.

When Tasha attempted to privately talk with Spiolers about voting out Garrett, Garrett and Spencer followed them. Spencer warns Tony that Latasha is a social threat. The Brawn tribe finished first with the Brains tribe coming in second.

‘Survivor: Cagayan’ episode 10 preview: Can Spencer turn the tide again?

He heads off down the beach. Retrieved May 15, He also reminds Tony that Sruvivor wanted to vote Tony out and was willing to switch alliances just two days ago, but then she backed out at the last moment. She claimed that Tony would just put a spin on things, by telling the jury that he did all the work while Woo was just his sidekick.