Im Young Pil Supporting Cast. Yoon-hee has a gift for this kind of literary work, but her talents are wasted because as a woman, she cannot pursue education. I haven’t watched Painter of the Wind yet. Alphabet case doesn’t matter. With that in mind, she nervously makes her way through the forest to her rendezvous point. Since I have no idea when I’ll be able to actually watch it at this moment with so much work piling up, your recap is the saving grace for me. Sun-joon is left flipping through the ledger and he recognizes all the Noron names. And she did try so very hard to stifle her emotions.

She turns him down flatly. The dumb duo offer clumsy suggestions like hiring a gang of thugs, but In-soo looks to the cleverer Yong-ha for a solution. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. I think Yoo Chun has a potential to be better in his acting. Kim Kwang Gyu Supporting Cast. Ahn Nae Sang Supporting Cast.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 20

Episode 16 Full Episode S 1: If only you can see me beaming ear to ear: Plus daddy dearest sungkjunkwan get mad at him because Sun Joon did ask his dad for his opinion should he follow the teachings his father gave him or go against to protect his dad. You guys were born into rich families, you deserve to suffer a little. Dub, I cannot tolerate you telling me I am wrong. Our beloved Jal-geum Quartet starts scouring banchon with a drawing of the thief boy, but to no avail.


Her bravery is amazing! Minister Ha reports to Minister Lee that Merchant Song has been removed from power thanks to his foolishness.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

I was hoping that he ended up with the President’s sister. Oh god iwish the ending was longer so i canget over this drama. But the person who successfully gets her to eat is Professor Jung. Hahaha, i loved SJ’s face when JS was latching onto him.

Scandxl wants to go to banchon now. He does look like Tablo my bias cuz I loooove him. Seems to like them all.

I am in KD heaven this week with the 3 dramas. Instead she uses this skill to earn money for her family.

Yoon Hee neg of course oblivious to what happened on the other end of the mattress. That is his only give away. Thank you so much for the recap, JB!! He proves his point when he flings the door open and sends into flight a little eavesdropper.

He makes clear his threat: Phoebe October 8, at 1: But i’m definitely enjoying the show, i’m just fearing that it might turn into some draggy way too twisted love triangle.

Kang Sung Pil Supporting Cast. But I wish he had a little more oomph — more emotion, more verve, more… energy. He loves the androgynous look too.


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I always end up replaying their conversations in every episode. Addicted October 7, at 9: I think that is part of the appeal of these cross-dressing dramas, and they’ve done a great job with Yoon-hee’s character. I think Yoo Chun has a potential to be better in his acting. In-soo stops Cho-sun and her girls on their way out and asks her who this extra gisaeng is.

I suspect that it will dip into some serious territory later — the seeds are being planted, that much is clear — but I aub the characters and concept are enough to keep the drama going. Ace October 7, at 9: I like how it used to be that Yoon-Hee was so afraid of bed time but now it’s Guh-ro who is super tensed up everytime he goes to bed with Yoon Hee and Sun Joon hahaha There is at least one student who is incorruptible, though he may be the only one.

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