Noticing Sonora also appears to be waiting for Yura to return, the girls make it their mission to make Yura rejoin the club. Comedy , Slice of life , Sports airsoft. Whilst fetching some equipment from Sonora’s room, C 3 member Rento Kirishima discovers Yura becoming heavily engrossed in a Rambo movie and decides to drag Yura to the clubroom. There, they are to face Meisei Girls’ Academy, who they’ve always drawn against on previous encounters, one of their members being Rin Harada, who was Sonora’s partner in America. Anime and Manga portal. Thanks to Yura’s strategy, Stella manage to take Seikou’s flag and pass the first round.

As the team progresses through the various rounds, Yachiyo becomes irritated by Yura constantly scolding Rento. The next day, as Yura returns to the shrine to reenter that world, Rento finds herself brought into the world as well, where she witnesses her shoot the arrow, which in real life translates to her hitting the coin right in the center from a long distance. As the day comes to an end, Yura urges everyone to keep fighting til the last pellet is fired, bringing everyone into her dream world where they fight against the entire academy. Feeling she has nothing more to learn from them, Yura decides to quit the C 3 Club. Anime and Manga portal. Upon arriving at the tournament, where they meet Seikou Academy’s full team, Yura becomes suspicious that Rin might be the sniper. As Yura becomes nervous about facing Karila, Sonora tells her to think of her gun as an onigiri and together they manage to take down Karila. Elsewhere, the curious C 3 Club discusses how best to recruit new members.

With the day finally coming to an end, Sonora invites Yura and the others to come visit her any time. Sonora manages to take Yachiyo down with her own weapon whilst Yura manages to use a clever rouse to get Rento and Honoka to take each other out. Yura informed the tournament holders about this, but Rin tells them they didn’t violate any rules so their victory stands.


Along the way, Yura thinks she can see a white etella, but the others pass it off as her active imagination. After the match, they spend kkoutouka rest of the evening having a barbecue and setting off fireworks. Yura Yamato, a shy girl with little confidence, enrolls into the prestigious Stella Women’s Academy, where she struggles with making friends. Meanwhile, Sonora is wpisode by Rin, who tells her about Yura’s performance and suggests Sonora should act more like she used to.


Finding her old gun in the shrine, Yura overcomes her self-pity and shows up to challenge Sonora in her send-off match. Yura confronts Rin over why she kept quiet about her cheating, to which she responds that she just have faith in herself.

When it is Yura and Sonora’s turn to duel, Yura ends up landing a hit on Sonora whilst she was distracted by a kid bumping into Rento. Views Read Edit View history. As the group head back for the day, Yura discovers her gun has gone missing and rushes back to the shrine alone to search for it. In order to draw in more customers, Honoka puts together a bikini water pistol fight display.

Sonora explains how she and Rin met in Jogauin and became friends whilst learning airsoft. However, this turns out to be a crayfish-related disaster, and they are soon left with no money for either. After Sonora is discharged from hospital, Yura confesses to everyone that she violated the ‘zombie rule’, in which players cannot shoot other players once they have been hit themselves. Afterwards, Rin scolds Yura for her cowardice, with Sonora sharing the sentiment. Although she manages to hit it at a close distance, she starts to struggle afterwards.

Yura joins up with Meisei’s airsoft club, which the C 3 Club come to learn of after Aira spots her and informs Karilla. As Yura starts to really miss her friends, she is drawn to the shrine where she once again meets Choujirou, who tells Yura that she needs to accept herself. There, she meets a curious warrior spirit named Choujirou, who shows Yura a world that blends his tragic past with Yura’s delusional world.

As the club finds itself running low on BB pellets, the girls enter a Field Queen Contest which features Daishichi and Sonora as commentatorsin which contestants compete with both beauty and airsoft, to try and win some more. As Yura becomes nervous about facing Karila, Sonora tells her to think of her gun as an onigiri and together they manage to take down Karila.

By nightfall, only Stella and Meisei remain in the tournament.

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Elsewhere, sgella curious C 3 Club discusses how best to recruit new members. He tries to have Yura prevent his own death by an arrow, but she is unable to pull it off. The next day, Yura comes into school with her hair cut and asks not to be called by any nicknames, saying she will take airsoft more seriously from now on.


c3-buu Retrieved from ” https: Revealing herself to be the president of the C 3 Club, Sonora epiaode Yura if she wants to officially join, but Yura doesn’t have enough confidence to agree. Diebuster Gurren Lagann The Movie: In the middle of the match, Rento comes by to give Yura some more ammo, earning her thanks for inviting her, whilst Karilla comes to support Sonora, with the entire club soon getting involved and turning the game into a free-for-all.

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As Rin tells her to figure out the reason for herself, Yura assumes she needs to get stronger and begins training herself intensely, bringing worry to Rento when she comes to visit her. However, after their instructor was killed in action, Rin felt having weakness was fatal and became focused on airsoft, eventually drifting apart from Sonora. Yura finally meets Sonora, who had sttella from jgakuin shooting contest in America and becomes impressed by her skills at making onigirireminding her of her own marksmen training.

On their way home, Yura and Sonora come under attack by a sniper using an illegally modified airsoft gun firing dangerous rounds.

Whilst initially assuming the club is a laid back and ladylike one, Yura is surprised when she learns the club’s activities actually revolve around airsoft guns and tactical simulation. As the match gets underway, Sonora notices Yura is joogakuin bit more fired up than usual whilst the other members struggle due to the Seto team’s strategy of using dual weapons to confuse their numbers.

Noticing Sonora also appears to be waiting for Yura to return, the girls make it their mission to make Yura rejoin the club. After various rounds of airsoft against various players, including Rin, Aoi and Aira, the final pits Karila against Honoka, which Honoka wins by using her sex appeal to earn the popular vote.

The C 3 Club travels to a remote island for a practice match against the Seto Family team from Kansai, which they manage to win thanks to Yura’s quick thinking.