Top Ten Natalie Dormer Moments. The Top ten sexiest things about Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Charles and Anna Buckingham when they are caught by her father 9. Brian Takes Justin’s V-Card. Share Selection Facebook Twitter. Henry walks away from Anne, as she is still pleading her love for him carrying Elizabeth in her arms. Apr 1 , 6: Henry being ‘haunted’ by Thomas More.

Where To Even Begin? The warrant for Catherine Parr’s arrest for treason. Jane’s turquoise engagement dress S2 3. When Katherine tells Henry that “Every vote you would receive, I would receive a thousand more. Starz’s Outlander hands down has some of the best sex scenes on television right now. Though the duo had been hooking up for some time prior to the tenth episode of season two, this episode definitely marks their sexiest encounter. The marriage of Henry and Jane.

Princess Mary’s return to court dress S3 5. Where Are They Now? When Katherine tells Anne that the King will one day become tired of her, just like all the others. Cardinal Thomas Wolsey 5.

Aug 247: Henry VIII had six wives, and an immeasurable number of sexual conquests. Mary giving a public speech in York with her father S4 1. Let’s just say that the encounter was explosive. The Top ten sexiest things about Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Execution of Culpepepr and Dereham 4. King Henry and Madge’s courtship.


There was so much longing and desire, that television screens nearly burst in anticipation. Do you think that Charles loved her.

That wedding night in Calais. The gown with the embroidery that she is wearing when Princes Mary tidor brought to court. Anne’s dream of being killed by Mary burning her.

Despite episodse of this, chemistry between the duo is electric and after all of the back and forth, the sexual innuendo and the snide comments, Lucious and Cookie finally gave into their desires.

When Katherine is told Mary is being sent away, and she uses the term “Taking her from my womb. Season 2 Episode 6, when Henry tells Anne that she should be glad for her position because he would not give it to her again. Anne finds Henry and Jane Seymour kissing 2.

However her relationship with her ex-girlfriend Alex is still sexy as hell. Anne Boleyn’s costume when she played perseverance S1 8. So much so, that in this particular scene, the raw, carnal sex shown is enough to make you steamiets your watching network television.

NSFW: 16 Of The Steamiest TV Sex Scenes

The powerful steamiezt he walks 1. The gown she wears when she is made Marquess. The marriage of Henry and Jane. Elton John and Taron Egerton duet at Oscars viewing party.


NSFW: 16 Of The Steamiest TV Sex Scenes

Though Jamie is married, which makes all of this very naughtyyou might just find yourself empathizing with them. Anne Askew’s execution 9. Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk 4.

Dysfunction has never been so sexy. When she tells her dear friend Thomas More that she would always ” When Katherine of Aragon episoses her that the king will soon tire of her, her golden response “suppose he does not? Sign in or Sign up. The turquoise gown she wears at her engagement to Henry. The court pageant where Henry first notices Anne Boleyn 1. Princess Mary falling in love with Phillip, Duke of Bavaria 2.

The way he steaimest on anything. There is nothing better than a show with a powerful lead actor that is full of suspense and intrigue.