Everybody comes to know that Aman is leaving forever and they confront him. He however, continues and contributes in being a major factor in his team’s unbelievable display of grit, belief and determination which sees them overcome a three goal deficit and pull off a fantastic victory! He asks his dad’s secretary to find out who does the bike belong to. Sonia scolds Ashi but lets her off with one final warning. Episode – May 11, Ranveer comes back to college and is welcomed by all his fellow students. Varun gets to know about Ranveer’s problem and he informs Ashi about it. Episode – Apr 27, Meher and Pri are very excited as they will now have the opportunity to get Tia and Ranvir close to each other. He comes to Maurya to enquire about her.

Ashi and her gang decide to hold a raffle in college as a part of their campaign in order to win votes. Episode – Dec 19, Tia decides to hold a charity fashion show to help improve the deteriorating state of animals in the country. Sid tries his best to do so but fails. The members of Remix plan to stop Ranveer from going back. Yashwant Dev takes over Maurya and calls for the creation of a Students Council. Episode – Aug 2, Still upset with Yuvi, Ashi is all by herself crying and then gets really annoyed when she sees Aditya clicking her snaps. She also asks Ranveer if she could join him to Sumeet’s office and help him.

Mitra opens it and is shocked by the colour bomb that explodes. Ranveer and Sumeet Ahuja are busy discussing Tia’s birthday budget plans.

Tia speaks to Meher and realises that Ranvir to her is much more than just a friend. Latty begs forgiveness and Ranveer gives her a final chance and decides not to tell anyone about all this.

Varun informs Ashi and Yuvi about Vrinda’s problem.


Raghu reminds Ranveer that he had been treated unfairly. The kids are overwhelmed with joy when the final whistle blows and they celebrate their victory in great style. Raghu willingly volunteers to accompany her and Tia has a private chat with Ranveer.

He tells him that eemix organizing a 1677 for the kids in college, Yuvi will be able to win over many hearts… and more importantly ‘Votes’! Sonia Rmix tells Sumeet Ahuja that she also does not like Arjun and that Ranveer is the only person who can help him out.


Episode – May 25, Tia visits Sonia and notices that she is feeling lonely and upset. According to the theme, all the guests are dressed up as their favorite characters from yesteryear Hindi films. He is very happy with Ranveer as he has now managed to control the budgets. In another twist to the tale, Raghu fakes a letter in Ranveer’s name and sends it to Tia saying that he wants to break up with her.

Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. They come to a conclusion that someone is trying to separate them and that rekix need to find out who it is. Vishal takes Ashi to a slum to show her what life is all about. Yuvi tries to speak to Ashi about his problem but is epizode to do so. Meanwhile, Sumeet along with all other parents organizes a protest against Mitra and the authorities.

MP’s father sends starine to pick her up. While wpisode goons are being questioned, Arjun indirectly threatens them not to open their mouths. Ranveer is surprised and sad to hear that Tia had left without staone word. Episode – Mar 8, Tia confronts Shy and tells her that Ranveer would never be hers and that she would expose her before everyone but Shy silences her saying, no one would ever listen or believe her. Chichi enters and is shocked to se how Arjun and Tia are dancing. The new student Raghu, arrives at Maurya and lands up in a tussle with Sid at the canteen.

Tia tries to cheer her up but even she gets upset thinking of Ranveer. Shyla submits the science project with Ranveer’s name. Ashi and the other kids decide to stand up against Mitra and break all of his rules, so that they too get punished like Ranveer.

Report Category Video remx prohibited content. Yuvi is all by himself and is missing his mom. Ranveer wants to take Tia away to a near by island. She tells Sonia who manages to calm her down. Eepisode have a blast enjoying their holidays in Sanganer. The kids are very happy as the Remix performance is rocking and the fans have a blast. The boys in the team are under immense pressure to win the football match when the rival team finally arrives and is welcomed by Jumbo.

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Shy encourages her to gain her trust and Pri is happy with her new-found friend. Sumeet meets Ranveer and tells him to give things time and take his decisions wisely. Ashi tells Siddhanth to stop troubling her and Siddhanth faints before her clutching his chest, much to her panic. He also asks her out in front off the whole crowd and Epiode blushes.


She is left crying and wondering as to why her dad is reacting so strongly to the small prank that she has played on Shy. Ashi agrees to go out on a date with Siddhanth. Just then, Yuvi reaches with the bike. Episode – May 23, Shyla is very upset with Ashi as she holds her responsible for her breakup with Yuvi. They all begin to argue and do not even give Ashi a chance to tell them about her plans.

The man driving the car is Vipul Khanna. Latty suspects something is on between Ranveer and Tia and informs Shyla about the proceedings. Ranveer tells Raghu to leave Maurya and the city forever, or face the dire consequences. Yuvi does not want his dad to find out about the band or that he is a part of it.

Sumeet tells his lawyer that needs Sonia needs to be out of his campaign at any cost. Tia is finding it very difficult to get over the dilemma involving Ranveer’s kidnapping. He even manages to impress her when he covers up for her when she breaks Jambhwal’s office windowpane.

Episode – Aug 9, Aman convinces Ranveer that life has to go on. He also asks her when she is planning on going back to Maurya High. Episode – Feb 21, Ranveer has had enough and is now about to enter into a fight with Vikram. Yuvi tells Ashi that he has met Aditya’s girlfriend. Seema Jambhwal is very thrilled as all the students have done very well in her English test and tells Jumbo that this proves that she is a good teacher. Arjun tells Ranveer that he has found out everything about Ranveer’s plan against Sumeet Ahuja.