It was a docking window in v6. Interactive degradation has been renamed ‘Fast edit’ and is now accessible on the main tool bar. Frond vertex winding has been corrected This fix correctly orients exported frond geometry for use with two sided materials in offline rendering packages. Arbitrary Scene Scale and Scene Unit Conversion Two new tools have been added to scale the entire scene the tree, forces, collision, world-unit distances, etc. While previously available on a case by case basis, many Linux distributions are officially supported contact support speedtree. Maya script error The.

Significantly enhanced FBX exporting performance Exporting is two orders of magnitude faster than previous versions and uses far less memory during the process. Improved Curve Editor The Curve Editor has undergone a variety of improvements, including the ability to double-click points to toggle handles or double-click lines to add new points. Topology perserved in ‘. If your FBX data was exported as multiple meshes grouped by material, etc. Leaf ripple pulsing A bug in the export process that caused a pulsing behavior in leaf ripple has been corrected. Also, right-clicking a node will never deselect it even with CTRL down to facilitate context sensitive actions. It was a docking window in v6. Vertex ordering has been corrected for frond and leaf meshes to make face culling work as expected.

Collections created from zones using meshes now contain the correct geometry. Crash on Subdivision Generator Deletion Fixed a bug that was sporadically causing the Modeler to crash when deleting a subdivision generator.

SpeedTree® in 3ds Max® and V-Ray®

The scribed look is a toggle rather cineam a clnema rendering mode. Popup curve editor The curve editor now pops up in place and disappears when it loses focus. Includes sample models and templates. Switching between generator and node selection no longer modifies the current selection set Previously pressing the TAB key or toggling the Node Selection Mode icon cleared the current selection.

Texture conversion on export Convert textures to the format of your choosing during export. Normals, binormals and tangents now show on meshes When meshes are assigned to forces and place in the scene they now show normals when that mode is selected. Simple mode can be turned off by switching to Complete Mode in the Property Editor toolbar.

Various bug fixes including relative path names librray versions of 3ds Max prior to 3ds Max Quad Polygon Mode Geometry can now be comprised of either triangles or quadrilateral cjnema. Improved navigation Double click in the scene to set the navigation pivot point to any spot on the model. Interval Generation Algorithm — New algorithm that places branches in a set interval.


SpeedTree Cinema 8 is the latest iteration of our award-winning 3D vegetation modeling software. Ljbrary PBR material workflow and rendering. Generation Editor and Curve Editor selection has been sped up Where possible, optimizations in the selection process have been made so that generator selection and selection box creation in both the Generation Editor and Curve Editor execute more quickly.

Fixed bug where children of hidden nodes were not updating while the parent was hidden Nodes with hidden parents were not computing while their parents were hidden. Fixed a crash that could result when mesh zones and regular zones were present in the same model It is now okay to have multiple zone types in a single model.

Simple Mode A new mode for editing trees that is better suited for beginners. Examples include texture files onto material texture vinema or meshes onto the Mesh Asset Bar. New tool bars in the 6.2. Window’ and ‘Generation Editor’.

New library of over modelsAvailable as a per seat license or purchased individually from our store, the new library includes everything from seedlings to towering forest species and contains thousands of PBR textures.

UV coordinate swap On some platforms the U and V texture coordinates of. London Plane Species Pack.

New Feature – The Wind Wizard for 3D Animated Trees – SpeedTree

Toggling check box properties no longer prevents variance editing Previously, editing any check box locked the Properties bar out of variance mode until the sleedtree was changed. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Export unwrapped The bug preventing exporting unwrapped models has been corrected. Planar force indicator color now behaves correctly The indicator colored dot in the middle of the planar force model now shows the appropriate force indicator color.

These options make it much easier to get natural leaf placements like those shown in the image above. Maya script error The. Advanced Wind Features A second set of optional wind features has been added.


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Significantly enhanced FBX exporting performance Exporting is two orders of magnitude faster than previous versions and uses far less memory during the process. Fixed crash when undoing node manipulated control points Undoing transforms the control points on a hand drawn speedtree with the 3D node manipulator gizmo no longer results in a crash. Backface culling added as an option on color sets This feature enables any geometry, especially embedded meshes, to be back face culled.

This feature makes fern like frond orientation and phyllotaxy structures easier to achieve. Current Mesh Replacement Generating a mesh and replacing the current one no longer causes an issue with quads. Used primarily for real-time models.

MC file or as a single. Additionally the Curve Editor toolbar has been streamlined to save space and allow the Curve Editor to be usable in a more compact form.

SPM model now uses a season curve to create unique trees at any point in the year.

Subdividion branches are twisted when converted to hand drawn This bug has been corrected. Ambient occlusion cast from leaf cards handled correctly In version 5.

Cinema 8 captures the complex dynamics of wind among leaves and branches. Cyber Monday is here: This new behavior makes it easier to align mesh frond length segments with branch segments. Alembic export Models can now be exported in the Alembic format. Speedtres the speedtrre properties’ button to show the global tree properties.

Note that the rendering of the shadow on the ground is completely dependent on this property now. Fixed exaggerated leaf motion in point cache files Leaf motion exporting has been corrected to match the distances seen in the real-time preview. Improved Generation Editor The Generation Editor has been updated to include the following new features: Fixed errant extents in FBX files when using point caches Some trees were showing infinite extents in third party packages due to an error in processing the point cache data for leaves.