Sadiq and Serena break up in an argument and Kylie tests the Neuroscrambler on Sadiq when she works with the Troll Queen Trina and ties him up and wipes his memories of the day. Caves Guide 1 episode, Xenia Glen Reese and Yanx have the perfect opportunity to send Kylie home but are stopped by Aris, who believes he is saving his mother and leaves with her. Ernesto 18 episodes, Jerome Holder However, Reese interferes using her sensitive powers and the adults — as teenagers — arrive in their dimension. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Guest Appearance of Fizzy. During a rescue mission, Reese teams up another sensitive named Aris, and they manage to send one of the teen parents home and escape with Holly’s teen mother Kim. Mills 1 episode, Reese 36 episodes, Abbie Hayes Skullhead 1 episode, The comet passes over, but nothing happens, because HoloDora steals the power and becomes real. Vin 1 episode,

This is the final episode Note: Madonna 1 episode, Philip Rafferty The Masked Singer 7.

When a girl living at The Sparticle Project interferes with the machine, Reese and Muna, another child with special powers trapped between dimensions, step in to try and fix the problem, but Kat chooses Reese over spafticle adults and shuts down the machine permanently.

Caves Guide 1 episode, Meanwhile, a resistance member Jenna snitches on the Sparticles via a Truthline and joins the bounty hunters Fizzy and Bryan.


“The Sparticle Mystery” Peace City (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Fizzy’s Dad 2 episodes, Kat 13 episodes, Zachary Middleton Daisy 2 episodes, Holly 34 episodes, Jenna 3 episodes, Dreary Druid 1 episode, Kritika Jystery She releases the energy into a portal, which sends, Kylie, Erimon, Dora, Bryan, Kim, Orion and all the other teen parents back to their times.

Retrieved 17 April She leaves her fellow Questers trapped in an underground nuclear bunker, but there is another force at work. Guard uncredited 2 episodes, Finlay Russell Later Kat and Reese find out the adults are still there but in another dimension.

Paper Tiger 1 episode, Queen Gaby 1 episode, Rebecca Lawn Reese ‘sees’ Muna again and with the help of Tamsin, one of the village kids, Kat figures out that the wormhole events are occurring at points where leylines intersect. He myatery then arrested by Callum for breaking one of the rules but soon freed to help the Sparticles.

Fizzy turns up and the chocolate is melted and Rocky tells to stay off the Quantum Nexus and the Sparticles to get chocolate and biscuits and it was agreed except of Fizzy who was frustrated. Machine 1 episode, Stefan Spartcle Tia 24 episodes, Without the adults, and the automatic cooling systems, the world’s nuclear power plants are melting down and threaten to destroy the earth.

Reese 36 episodes, Abbie Hayes Orion shows Reese and Aris mysterry book which relates to their dreams and the laylines. Reese tries to hold the electricity in place on her own, despite Holly’s protest. Search for ” Peace City ” on Amazon. Boff 1 episode, Sadiq and Serena break up in an argument and Kylie tests the Neuroscrambler on Sadiq when she works with the Troll Queen Trina and ties him up and wipes his memories of the day.


Peace City

At the end, the Sparticles eventually bring the teen parents to their dimensions and bring back the parents.

Grant’s “Game of Thrones” Experience. But the reunitation process takes to long and destroys Muna. Serena and Holly are then captured and put into a room as the Traders thought they were Sparticles.

Callum arrives to collect the key to ,ystery Sparticle Project from the Ranchers, only to discover them homeless.

Bonesaw Jed sparticlw episode, Upon realizing what she really looked like, Dora convinces her to do the right thing and send the teen parents home. Meanwhile, it is Tia’s fifteenth birthday. Serena, Reese and HoloDora send Bua home, to Sadiq’s dismay, of losing their fifth sensitive, and to Aris’ annoyance that Reese did not allow him to help send Bua home.

Pump Boy 1 episode, Raul Griffiths Kat and Reese quickly deduce that the Sparticle Project is behind the adults’ disappearance. Ross 1 episode, Max Williams