An April Fools Joke. No I am not joking. Soul Eater – Rated: I hate adding numbers to them so I make sure no one would have them Name: Index’d by Ezekieru 9. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare abridged:

My Top 12 Abrided Series: Do not put a link to this page in the source work trope list. Teh Abridged Series 5. Just In All Stories: Compare Fan Vid and Remix Comic. Sorry for the lame profile! Edon of the Eest by Dotvob 3. Dennpa Onna Abridged by Xcaliborg 4.

The Par0dy 0x approves of every list so far, but the definitive list is as thfseateam Child’s Play Luisjefe1 Inception: Truth’s Tricks by Rokuchuchu reviews Trisha’s world is turned upside down Edward passes through the gate into current U. They just want people to cross it.

Doesn’t really have much to do with Abridged for Childrenthough some may be made more humorous in a manner similar to this trope. Lightflame’s, hyperadam’s, and Flametail Von Karma’s.

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Do not put a link to this page in the source work trope list. I’ll try to keep this brief: EastBlueStudios Taken down as of this date. Twilight Princess xanauzumaki nevet The Legend of Zelda: The Movie Persona 3 Abridged Persona 4: My Top 12 Abrided Series: Novelization of the doujinshi. Joinedid: You are not connected. Most are on YouTubebut some can be found elsewhere, like Dailymotion.


Surprisingly accurate for a video this short. The Abridged Seriesto mixed success. My favorite abridged series in no particular order: My favourite series in order of This one features extreme Adaptational Villainyas the Enterprise crew are turned from the compassionate and moral people they are in the show into a gang of murderers and psychopaths.

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Second, I’d say Supernatural The Animation Abridged, strictly for the car scenes with the distracting backgrounds. Finally, sure his partner, Ragnarock, is a dude, which would make you think Chrona’s a girl, but there is nothing that states Meisters and Weapons HAVE to be the opposite gender, so I rest my case Favorite characters: Campanella Abridged – ShinigamiEater 7.

How will Edward get home? If there are multiple authors, those should also be alphabetized. See also Abridged Series Tropes. So there’s a bridge. Super Mario 64 cracky32 darksaix Super Smash Bros.

On the day of the big football game!


Sqweasel Media has six of eight episodes: Because it’s a bridge. Blue Exorcist Abridged 7. Chrona I love emo boys; ‘specially if they’re cross-dressersxD juuust kidding.

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Humorous recaps of video games big and small. The first of these was Yu-Gi-Oh!

Edon of the Eest – dotvob 8. Miss Litchi” and “Help Me!