The touch screen isn’t for everyone, but you will get used to how to use it efficiently. Next closest thing cost almost three times more! What is the Minimum Illumination for the cam? Every time I have called with a technical inquiry about a piece of photographic equipment there is always someone with the knowledge and expertise to address my question. As always, love seeing what you do. See any errors on this page? Oh ya, and sorry for being so ignorant to the topic at hand, killer work on this short film Philip.

My work rented this camera for a shoot and I was pleased with the quality. This cam is not a run and gun cam for someone like me. The listing said flawless but it was not. It is nice to see somebody who is so passionate about what he does. I can honestly say it is quite the powerful camera, more pros than cons, however I will now attempt to explain what I would have liked to know previous to choosing this camera. I just posted the video on the Facebook group of the postgraduate documentary students at MediaCityUK!

I had no idea by what the title of the piece was alluding to. Keep the excellent work, and good luck. Incredible Low-Light capabilities and when used in a professional Studio lighting situation, I got a wonderful crisp picture.

Out of curiosity, do you have any plans to test out the Sony VG 20? As an example, I have used the VG to get outstanding images of the Monarch Butterflies that come for the winter to the California Coast.

Large, super sensitive APS size sensor. Since you mostly only use Sony, then stick to Sony to avoid any hiccups later. Saw it at the Leeds Worskhop the other day. Be the first to review this item.


VG20 users, any help for a newbie?

Previous Post Next Post. Some gigs i need to get sound from the mix table and they come in 2x XLR balanced audio cables.

It has almost all the features of the NEX-FS but you have to access these features through tough-screen navigation rather than dedicated buttons It looks professional too, and we all know how undeniably important that can be in the industry. Physically a camcorder, it’s specifically designed for shooting motion video with ease and comfort.

During my research I found several Cages for the 5D, but somehow I had the feeling they are way too big for Nex5n. Looking like the Sony CX I am using FCP X. I used the expanded focus feature and the peaking function to obtain extremely sharp video. There are two things they could have done to make this camera even a sonj product.

VG20 users, any help for a newbie?: Digital Video Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

The camera also captures 5. Better AF than the Canon xf and if you say it’s not then you have not had the two side by side.

I never like having to record double system sound. Well captured and well told. They almost persuaded me not to get this Sony cam. Hey Philip, great work!!

So much to talk about but just some points. Adapter is kind of sloppy though and does have some play, picture quality is good just worried about wear. The best pocket printer of The audio is the only thing left in the back seat. You can spend x more, but this camera has the goods in terms of image quality and pro features. I also need interchangeable lenses so that I can use my Canon lenses, as well as to match this camera with a Canon 60d which is now a b camera. I am a pro sound tech, and think the audio recording internally is fine for almost all projects when used with a mixer like this.


Probably just me — waited for you to post an edited version, just tried to view it on iPad, but only get audio, no video 2 attempts. As always, love seeing what you do.

Sony NEX-VG20 Interchangeable Lens HD Handycam Camcorder NEXVG20

My bread and butter right now is weddings. Not sure what Sony had in their collective minds with this but it is a bit quirky. Only question, what was the cancer thing about, it seemed to be set up as a reveal of some sort and then never went anywhere. With audio meters on screen for peeking and no problems editing the codec in premiere pro. We spent around 6 hours there.

Thank you for sharing this short documentary, I liked the story and the way it is shot. AE shift is automatic exposure shift. Wondrousbright, brilliant colour rendering, sharp, sharp, sharp lens!!!