Who Is Paula Pickard? Blanca Blanco goes from makeup-free to fully glam as she prepares for the 91st Academy Awards Cara Delevingne ‘sets her sights on music career after recording vocals for new single’ Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Oscars performance spawns an avalanche of memes mocking their undeniable Reincarnation Futurama topic “Reincarnation” originally titled “Resurrection” is the 26th and final episode of the sixth season of the animated sitcom Futurama. Leela attempts to wave her impressive lifestyle in the other orphans’ faces, but they quickly resume making fun of her eye. Bender is rushed to a hospital, where the doctor informs him that he will never move again. Click through the gallery to see photos of Snooki and Jionni, Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout, and more stars doing their part at the charity event last night. To make him feel better, the Planet Express crew stage a mock funeral for Bender, but he is unreasonably critical of their efforts and storms out.

And Pauly makes peace with an old nemesis. Putin’s US nuclear hit list revealed: The bus driver, identified by police as Wang, and five other passengers were taken to hospital. Member feedback about Futurama season 4: The episode was then produced faster than normal and was well received by critics. Matt Groening initially conceived of Futurama in the mids. After an asteroid crashes into Bender, a civilization of tiny humanoids “Shrimpkins” grows on him and worships him as a god. Battle of the Reality Boobs Uh Oh:

Leela decides she wants to become the new Wicked Witch instead of going home, but her reign of terror and her dream are cut short when Zoidberg splashes and melts her with water.

The crew confronts Santa, and Leela presents him with what she believes to be a logical paradox intended to destroy him. However, Fry continues to exist due to either Enos getting Fry’s grandmother pregnant before dying, or was an unrelated man whose surname happened to be “Fry”.

Internet memes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Male characters taankr animation Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fictional homeless people Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Campaign staffer accuses Trump of forcibly kissing her on the lips after photo session with then candidate Can you guess who it is?


In the episode, the Planet Express crew is sent to collect space honey, and find themselves tsanker a harrowing battle with giant bees. When Futurama was revived by Comedy Central inhe returned to the writing staff. Bender and Fry are sentenced to time in an insane asylum for robots after Bender’s old, psychotic criminal friend, Roberto, frames them for bank robbery.

Horrifying moment a tanker slams straight into a crowded bus… but amazingly ALL passengers survive

Audible Download Audio Books. Snoooki is known for playing Peggy Bundy on Married In he took a position as story editor on Matt Groening’s animated Fox series Futurama, where he worked until its cancellation in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says it is ‘legitimate’ for young people to ask if they should have children Plot It is Xmas again, and everyone is locking down for the arrival of Robot Santa.

Cohen aboard to develop storylines and characters to pitch the show to Fox. Member feedback about Zoidberg: Plot During a space pirate attack, Bender—trying to find some peace and quiet in a torpedo tube—is accidentally fired into space.

But Bender’s old rival Flexo 66 the intrusion of the Robot Mafia threaten to throw a wrench into the proceedings. The final episode aired on September 4, It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 9, The plot centers on an accidental time travel event that results in the main characters participating in the Roswell UFO Incident in A week later, taankeer the Nobel Prize judging, the Professor presents Bender, who has become an overweight blob.

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Meanwhile, Fry and Leela get stuck in the Planet Express ship as it sinks into a tar pit on the night of the movie’s premiere. Bender fears that nobody will remember him after he dies, and sees his chance for immortality when the crew is enslaved on the planet Osiris 4.


Floating through the ethereal darkness, Bender becomes inhabited with tiny alien life forms, but has trouble playing God to their unyielding prayers. Member feedback about Disenchantment TV series: In the episode, Professor Farnsworth and Amy build a machine that allows them to switch minds so that they may each pursue their lifelong dreams. Fry and That Guy return to the Planet Express stockholders’ meeting, where a revolt against Professor Farnsworth is in progress.

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Member feedback about A Pharaoh to Remember: Leela is spaceship captain, pilot, and head of all aviation services on board the Planet Express Ship. I, Meatbag — Farnsworth uses his latest invention to turn Bender into a human taajker the Nobel Committee.

Bureaucracy in fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fictional lawyers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fictional extraterrestrial characters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Bender’s Big Score along with the three follow-up films, comprise season five of Futurama, with each film being separated into four episodes of the broadcast season.

The second season of Futurama began airing on November 21, and concluded after 19 episodes on December 3, Another pretty lady photo bombs stars, this time at the Independent Spirits Awards Television episodes written by David X.

The crew escapes the fortress, and is about to leave in the ship, but Santa grabs the engine and prevents the ship from taking off. Member feedback about Roswell That Ends Well: Anime-influenced Western animation Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American television episodes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Metafictional television episodes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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