Anyone with an appreciation for wrestling history will grow angry at the book quite quickly. Keith’s bias against Hulk Hogan is obvious from the very beginning. Kalisto comes back with a death valley driver and short rana, and the Salidas Del Sol gets two. They trade wristlocks and taunts on the ropes, and neither is able to hit the other. Another attempt is caught, however, and the F5 finishes at Women are held to an incredible double standard when it comes to hardcore wrestling fans.

Delayed suplex gets two. And then AJ gets powerbombed through the table and pinned by Rollins at Becky makes the comeback with the exploder and goes up with the legdrop for two. Loads of silly SKeith quotes from the book below. Seems to be a running theme tonight. Royal Rumble consisted of six matches: OK, Sheik was a spent farce by , only around because of residue from Slaughter vs.

Back in, AJ with the enzuigiri and a Lionsault to set up the springboardand that gets two. I have never heard that story before, and it sounds more like hearsay than anything else to me. The man allegedly lists Wild Hogs as one of his favourite films. RKO for Rhodes, but he walks into the Wasteland at And don’t refer me to the Observer; I don’t subscribe to it.

The third paragraph into the book, there is another egregious error.

New Day reverses him into their corner for the Unicorn stomps, and Booker T is offended by the apparent cheating on display here. The pay-per-view buyrate of 1.

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Back in, Crush tries a suplex, but Virgil cradles him for two and then Crush cuts him off again and uses Hawaiian martial arts on him. What a difference it makes in the flow of the show. Buchanan just bounced from great team to great team. The perfect example of that is his claim that in”if you controlled MSG, you controlled the wrestling world.

Back in, the Fanatics pound on Rick in their corner, but he goes up and hits Borga with a flying forearm for two. If Todd’s got an axe to grind there’s probably not much I could have wrote that would have changed his mind anyway.


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People today might think of Truth as a joke or something. Finally they all charge in for the big West Side Story rumble, but Kofi is left with Roman and a spear results. Bret bites the ear to escape and goes up with the flying bulldog for two. Nia Jax and her bizarre eye makeup clears the ring and we segies again with Becky getting a rollup on Banks for two.

Beth goes to a chinlock and works her over, but Eve takes her into the corner with a bodyscissors.

That ended up better than expected, especially given the slow start and disinterested crowd. Owen follows with a pescado, and finishes Blue back in the ring with a Sharpshooter at RAW pounds on him, with Sheamus doing a hilariously-timed short-arm non-tag on Cesaro to be a jerk, and then Gallows turns on Enzo for good measure.

Punk goes for the Vice early and Del Rio bails. Schysterwho had held the belts since the previous October, before winning their first championship on June Another major feud featured at the event was between Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannettywho had teamed for several years as The Rockers.

Shane goes up for a big suicide dive, but Joe cuts him off with a slam back into the ring. The Bar regroups and double-teams Jimmy, but a cheapshot from the apron triggers a brawl outside and Jimmy dives onto Cesaro before Sheamus lays him out. We take another break and return with Bret making another comeback, only to be cut off by a Yoko legdrop.

However, that is not to say it gets better. And so does Angle, but Shane rolls him up for two, going for the weakest link. There are several more especially in the first 5 or 6 pieces.

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Just an average TV match. Rock works a headlock on the Miz and throws some armdrags, and a rollup gets two. Absolute worst Scott Keith lies or mistakes.


In”the entire direction of the promotion shifted to Shawn Michaels vs.

You might as well ring the bell, etc etc. Things don’t get any better with Pedro Survivod. Jey goes up and Cesaro brings him down with an uppercut and follows with the Giant Swing into the Sharpshooter.

The Weekly Round-Up They trade wristlocks and taunts on the ropes, and neither is able to hit the other. In addition, Doink the Clown defeated Jim Powers by submission in an untelevised dark match before the event. What did she think she was going to do there, exactly?

Yoko stops to yell at the crowd on the way in, so Bret catches him with a sleeper and slugs away on him. Slater comes back on Anderson, but walks into a spinebuster like a geek. Anaconda Vice and Del Rio rips at the face to fight it, but taps out at Which was an inverted DDT.

Match was really fun for the first little bit, but kind of died off once Braun went through the table and Nakamura got eliminated.

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The book had no reason for being written, and has even less reason for being read. Charlotte blocks a DDT and makes the comeback with chops, but Alexa falls into a teeny-tiny guillotine, which Charlotte reverses into a powerbomb for two. Orton gets a powerslam on Rollins for two, and Bray gets a corner splash for two. Phrenology was never so deadly!