He responds with a Fusion Shot that miraculously defeats a Megamorph however the Terraportal is almost finished. Eli thinks that the Shadow Clan device will be safe with Dana. Eli refuses it and tries to convince Blakk that corrupting slugs is wrong. Blakk’s men to break them out. But their plan goes awry when Underlord Holt arrives and commands the thieves to work together to bring him Pronto – dead or alive! Proud that he has defeated the Shane gang, he leaves the place. Eli, learning more about the double-barrel fusion shot, confronts Blakk’s Gattler and destroys his new Slugterran Express train, Blakk Steel. They are saved by a new kid named Twist.

The gang is chasing one of Blakk’s grunt when suddenly they get ambushed by many of them. She steal things from everyone, even Trixie’s camera. They run into Nacho once again and duel him. Eli tries a fusion shot on Dr. Eli charges in to destroy the Terraportal but already finds it active and is forced to duel Blakk one on one while Trixie and Kord duel everyone else outside. When the Shane Gang travel to the Auroris Mine, they discover a legendary monster carved out of stone attacking the mines—the Pyritor. Eli and the gang enter the Deadweed cavern, an old abandoned mine shaft for Frightgeist slugs. Kord says that only Red Hook can fix his blaster.

Saturday who uses a Cryptogriff Ghouled Hypnogriff. Help comes from an unexpected source-Tad and his slug Pieper, who just arrived from the Surface! The gang recruits their friends, and some enemies, to help them take down the Emperor.

Eli liberates epissode of Drake’s captured slugs and return them back to their rightful owners.

The gang runs into a slinger with ghoul slugs and are defeated by him. The Shadow Clan og Eli and teach him how the Enigmo slug has the ability to allow the Slugslinger to see a slug’s aura. Shinai confides in Eli that she thinks maybe Blakk needed her guidance more because Will would have been a great Shane no matter what.


The first try fails miserably, but Kord remembers a master trick shooter named Mario Bravado who ran into Doctor Blakk and bet into quitting trick shooting forever and lost, therefore he never did another trick shot again, they found him working in a Pizzeria called Ricochet Pizza because he uses his slug to ricochet off different things to make the pizza.

It’s up to Eli to restore the balance, but the Shadow Clan aren’t as friendly as they once were Eli is concerned that she will choose to train Twist bandpleer of this guilt and vows to beat Twist.

By Slugterra – Rookie – Episode 37 Saison 1. Now the gang must find the slug, evade Stocker and his hounds and guide Eli around, during the hunt for the slug each member tries to save it from one trap after another since it seems to enjoy playing near or on them.

The Shane Gang must brave an inescapable maze to locate Blite, the slugtfrra man who can help them. But then they send Tad to the Deep Caverns and just then after their mission Eli gets a message from his dad that he is 16 years old and the rest of the gang makes a birthday cake for him to cheer him up.

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slugterra Episode 37 -Bandoleer of Brothers

After watching a commercial for the Slugterra “Slug Run” Eli immediately wants to join it despite Kord’s warning that the race is for experienced Mecha beast riders.

The gang escapes and a Frostcrawler follows Eli. He thinks it might have something to do with the new upgrades he got from his friends back at the forge a factory of Mecha Beasts so they head there to have it checked out.

Retrieved from ” https: Just as Eli and Twist are about to duel, Blakk arrives with some soldiers, a bull Mecha slugtegra a new Gattler blaster.

Blakk’s new super vehicle, the Titan will not make it easy for them.

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However, Trixie, Kord, and Pronto all agree to help him keep justice as the new Slugtdrra. Blakk, uses a corrupted slug in a duel, Will disappears. Tad is still missing after the slug-out with the Shadow Clan, but the Gang have to set off without him when reports start coming in of slugs disappearing all across the 99 caverns.


He is surprised to see a lot of slingers who wanted to get trained Including Trixie, Kord and Pronto. They all disguise as Blakk’s grunts and take away all the ghouls.

The adventurer and a group of slingers chase Eli back to the hide-out. He owns a Thuglett sluugterra named Loki. This page was last edited on 24 Januaryat By Episode 38 Dark as Night.

The gang search for the Banxoleer in Magma Caverns. But in order to control them, Junjie tells Eli he must learn Slug Fu, the ancient form of slugslinging that Junjie mastered in the Eastern Caverns. But their training will be put to the test when Tad accompanies them to a showdown with the Scrap Force She steal things from everyone, even Trixie’s camera.

Free mp3 music songs download online. When they duel a second time, Burpy hits Stocker, knocking him back into one of his own cages. When Twist is defeated, he flees but disguises himself as Blakk to slugterrx Shinai busy. Eli and Kord face off against Locke and Lode, while Pronto hunts down the Fandangos and Trixie looks for the source of the slugs fear which is in the Bullseye.

Eli and another slinger make it to the finals before the mystery slinger reveals himself as Twist in a disguise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.