In the year , Earth has been shattered into tens of millions of aimlessly drifting blocks around the Earth’s core. In a daring escape, Zalo psychically bonds with Lena to give her a telepathic message from her mother, in turn giving her enough power to defeat the invasion and escape with Mahad. Married at First Sight. User Polls What’s your favorite story set in the 23rd century? Cheng’s grandfather contacts him, and so Cheng goes looking for him. There, they battle the Mogura, a huge spider-like robot that has turned from a simple tool into a deadly threat to any human that confronts it.

Archived from the original on She turns to the Vector for help, and together they discover that Oslo is responsible. On one such raid, they discover a device that contains all of Mila’s memories. The trouble is, she needs to make use of other Seijins’ powers to do so, and the process could end up destroying entire blocks and killing thousands. Retrieved 25 January Additional editing by Bojan Risojevic.

Mahad waison into his old friend, Lucretia, but clashes with her ideals. Season 2 89 Russian Doll: Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. What will they do with him?

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Oslo manages to survive but is it too late for Lena to epiisode and will she survive?

Abuse of the TV. Married at First Sight. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night In a futuristic world, a brave teen and his telekinetic sister fight against a totalitarian regime as the newest members of a powerful resistance movement known as the Pirate Rebellion.

Oslo, a power-hungry dictator, controls this land, referred to as Skyland. La Nave de las Tempestades” by David Carlyle”. La La Land 6. It seems too easy for Lena and Mahad in entering Kharzem.


Skyland 1 Season The animated adventures of a brother and sister who live in a futuristic world and fight against its totalitarian ruler in hopes of rescuing their imprisoned mother and finding their missing father. The Skyland is ruled by the Sphere: For Better or For Worse. Skyland full French title: Mahad is certain something’s saion, and sure enough it turns out to be a hoax played by Cortes.

The program was hosted by Chase Francisco. There, they battle the Mogura, a huge spider-like robot rpisode has turned from a simple tool into a deadly threat to any human that confronts it.

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They heard that he is going to Kharzem Prison, and they know that mother is being kept there. La guerra dell’acqua” was translated to “Skyland: Seijins, who absorb energy from sunlight and use it to fuel special abilities such as telekinesistelepathymental control, astral projectionenergy balls or blasts, and electric rays.

Cheng 26 episodes, Alyson Court The Pirates rescue the refugees. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Cheng finds out that his grandfather works for the sphere, both his life and his grandfather’s are in danger. Mahad makes the most of the opportunity and decides to declare a ‘Mahad Day’, complete with celebrations.

Log in to finish rating Skyland. It was launched on April 22,at 7: She reveals a true surprise to him; Max is absolutely not the scientist who he claims to be. The Secret Power Episode Unknowingly, Oslo follows them, and they all end up stranded on a block that contains an indestructible monster.

The Curse of Oak Island 2. Jonah explains he was hired to create a particular temporary holding cell on the Monolith for a “very important Seijin”. While investigating a deserted ice block, the storm overpowers the Hyperion leaving Mahad and Dahlia stranded.

Start your free trial. Subsequently, the later part of the season has been completely animated and finalized in DQ Entertainment of Hyderabad, India, using a completed motion capture shot in Attitude Studio.


On one such raid, they discover a device that contains all of Mila’s memories. Prior to the beginning of the story, in sison 23rd century, the Earth has shattered into billions of pieces which orbit around a central core. Mahad is kidnapped and brought to Tak, a ringmaster who operates a popular fighting arena that provides entertainment for the Sphere and Skyland.

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Eplsode Read Edit View history. Dawn of a New Day Part 2 Episode 2. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Nazaire is caught in some nasty weather. By then I should have the second half of the plan figured out. After the capture of their mother by the Sphere, protagonists Episodee and Lena, a young Seijin still learning to control her powers, are rescued by a group of pirates, and join the pirate rebellion.

The music was composed by Paul Intson, of Canada.

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Mahad and Lena find a make-shift orphanage run by and older kid and warn him that the Sphere will soon find them. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Deciding that Mahad needs a lesson in responsibility, Cortes leaves him in charge of Puerto Angel while the Saint Nazaire goes to retrieve some unguarded water. Can the rescue Mila?