Kushadwaj greets Raavan and Malyavaan. She is disheartened when she learns that Dasharath will not come. The newly-weds take a stroll in the forest. Janak apologises to Sita for not revealing about her adoption. Sita is in love with Ram and daydreams about him. Sumantra alerts everyone that the forest ahead is inhabited by the Asuras.

Sita is sure that Ram will come. The man says he is the prince who killed Tadaka and blessed Ahilya. Dashrath, Kaushalya, Sumitra, Bharat and Shatrughan are delighted by the news. Yudhjit is shocked to learn that Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan are getting married along with Ram. Bharat grabs Kaikeyi by her hand and expels her from the Raj Bhavan. Bharath and Shatrughan plan to return to Ayodhya. Later, Sumantra informs Dasharath too about Ram’s departure. Ravan confronts Shurpnakha for marrying a demon, Vidyutjivah.

Bharath refuses to become the king of Ayodhya. Kaushalya, Sumitra and Lakshman are ecstatic to know that Ram will be crowned the king of Ayodhya. She shows him a golden deer and later asks if he intends to have more than one wife. Vashisth waits for Dasharath to arrive for Ram’s coronation. Manthara is elated to learn that Bharat will be the king. Vishwamitra asks Ram to not feel upset.


Mandodari thinks of ways to avert Rpisode death. Kaikeyi opposes Dashrath’s decision to send Ram to Sita’s swayamvar. Sita and her sisters see the ashrams demolished by the asuras.

Siya Ke Ram 20th January 2016 EPISODE | Sita Svayamvar Begins

The other man says yes, he is the one. Sita and her sisters are happy as Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga visit Mithila.

Vishwamitra asks Dasharath to send Ram with him to help protect the Rishis. The lady apologizes to him as she could not identify him. Kuber asks Ravan to abandon the idea of conquering the world. Shatanand informs Sita that Ram had defeated Tataka.

Kaikeyi confronts Bharath in disguise to tests his skills as a warrior. She tells Kaikeyi about Dasharath’s conspiracy against her. Yagyavalkya sets an auspicious time for Sita’s farewell. He partially lifts the Shiva Dhanush before dropping it. The man calls the people to come and listen.

Shatananda tells Janaka that the horse used for Ashwamedh Yagna is about to enter Mithila. Malyavaan says see Janak, no one is able to lift the Dhanush, just Raavan can string ziya.

Kaikeyi decides to stop Ram’s coronation. Sita is sure that Ram will come.

On Jan 18, She is disheartened when she learns that Dasharath will not come. Urmila ra, Malyavaan for misbehaving with Sita. Mandodari tells her father that Ravan’s life is in danger, but he refuses to help.


Mandodari blames Kaikesi for Ravan’s atrocities. Janak tells Sunaina that his brother Kushadwaj http: Ram gifts a headpiece to Sita. Ram notices the dressing on the wound of the Ashwamedh horse.

Siya Ke Ram 18th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Tulsi 19th Jan – Bharath and Shatrughan plan to return to Ayodhya. Sita and Ram greet each other. Parvati tells Lord Shiva about Ravan’s misdeed.

Janak offers to join Bharat in bringing Ram back to Ayodhya. Parvathi Thangaraj 18th Jan – Ram enters the ashram to free Ahalya from the curse and becomes emotional when he sees her ek. Loved it… waiting for the all four pairs to get married……. Sita consoles her sisters. Kushadwaj greets Raavan and Malyavaan.