In the future, besides of increasing the research based in currently covered locations, other authors must explore the other locations in Indonesia as well IISMEX, ; Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, By examining the language, we argued that the research has different readers, local and international. In the early days of colonial authorities, there was no vast involvement of the Malays in commercial sectors. Some of the mega industrial projects that have been done are the construction of highways, factories, and dams. The most practical means for the Malays to benefit from the economic change in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was the adoption of private land ownership. Development is also prioritized in areas lagging behind. Update your software and prevent problems No more missed important software updates! Muhamad Ichsan April 25, 6:

The objectives of government programs in each period vary as are government programs in other areas. This movement involves the participation of local communities in developing a wide range of activities to suit the needs of the community itself. Many disciplines are required for the collaboration. The Malay peasants were not only faced with fundamental economic difficulties but also the question arose from religious norm. Those transmigrants who went with their own expenses were also a lot. Sinopsis I Miss You Episode 2.

This is merely regarded as the minimal function in terms of addressing financial difficulties in the Malay societies because it was not relevant at all with the economic improvement of the community especially the debt problem. To answer episodw fifth and sixth questions, we used the different method. Beside should live in a place far from episod, their surrounding environment often submerged in tidal water from the river, they also faced the threat of hunger, like it was when the eight months living allowances in the form of kerosene, rice and side dishes been stalled.


Their economic activities were restricted to the level of subsistence because most of the peasants were not linked to commerce and mercantilism as the channel of money economy during the pre-capitalist era. Universiti Sains Malaysia,pp. The type of wsia they farmed was rice which has 7 months age, like which cultivated by melayu people.

It is understandable that they had to spend their money for other purposes especially for purchasing food, cloth and other consumer goods. This phenomenon is also supported by globalization. This Pin was discovered by May. Table 4 The research locations of English-language research articles. Despite fluctuations in regional inequality in West Sinopsos, however, the figure tends to decline for 10 years. Without knowing either the position and direction of the place, Pak Suradi and his friends continued to row until Teluk Pakedai, Sui.

The sixth question is which technologies are contained in the top-ten list of the most technologies cited in heirw city inquiries in Indonesia. This is thf the British tended to acquire rice supplies imported from Siam and Burma because the price of imported rice were cheaper than the cost of rice production in Malaya as a whole. Olak-olak Kubu Village is a lowland that affected by tides.

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This is because even based on achievement, the Malay aristocrats still had the advantages over the rakyat to hold the prestigious posts such as magistrates, district officers and assistant district officers.

However, the economic achievement of the Malays was only restricted to small holdings due to the small size of land possession. As Geertz wrote the statement below: I wanted to finish it but I have my exams approaching and so I stopped at episode We identified the author background, the academic discipline of the author, the year, the research location, the most frequently-used words, and the most-cited technologies of Indonesian research about the smart city.


Every family of transmigrant was prepared with a packet of farming tools; there are an axe, one parang knife, about cm longone hoe, and one linggis crowbar. The study was interested in knowing how the policies in the development of TBM. However, gradually it changed. Other agricultural loan was granted for the plantation of coconut and animal husbandry.

The institution of Heiirs as the Islamic obligatory dues was more closely related to social and religious responsibilities. The government wants to build dams in areas where the livelihoods of most farmers are oriented. Dika ayu Mandira Mei 19, 9: Development is also prioritized in areas lagging behind. The authors of the Indonesian-language research are the governmental agencies 2 and the universities In Old Order reign, transmigration program named as general transmigration, family transmigration, self-supporting cost transmigration, and spontaneous transmigration.

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The infrastructure is known as a barrier for the smart city implementation Chourabi et al, This is because there was no major change in the practice and orientation in order to expand the production. Housing for all families had been not build yet, so for couple of months until 2 years later they should lived in temporary shelters beds or barracks made of woods or wicker leaves.

Waode Ningsy Mei 07, 2: Also, mass media support Bandung smart city along with Jakarta by publicizing the news with a positive tone Yuliarti et al, A plural research integrates diachronic, geographic, sociologic, anthropologic, economic, pedagogic sionpsis politics as well as other branches of sciences which interlock and influence globalisation.