Rick finally convinces Jadis and the Scavengers to align with him, and they plan to force the Saviors to surrender. He has a right to still love her, and regrets his ass off as YR has a right not to, it is to each his or her own to take care of as YR said. I want him to be the official Mr. I thought that the drama probably wanted to show Tae Ha failing to get his woman back. Comic book series Television series Fear the Walking Dead. But Ha-jin switches to a more serious tone and clears the misunderstanding. This whole book would be about 1 episode, but so much happens so quickly and I don’t feel the storyline is fleshed out the way it would be for TV.

We can have different POV He refuses to believe it, but she explains that this friend is clearly showing jealousy. But Ha-jin should just go against his mum and tell Yeo Reum and Ah-rim, but I guess he’s trying to be the good son. I feel like other major characters, like Xander, Willow, Giles, and even Buffy herself translated a little better from screen to page then Faith did, though you can definitely still notice her vivid character traits and qualities. This is the second volume of the series, which presents what would be considered a second episode. Tae-Ha should stay drunk always in order to get Yeo Reum lol. When Yeo-reum arrives home, Joon-ho and Sol team up against her, not letting her in on their ramen meal. I wouldn’t say I’m completely drawn in yet but I know I definitely want to continue reading now that I have enjoyed this one.

What are they thinkin. Retrieved November 7, And whatever did Giles do that put them in a place where they don’t speak to each other at all?

I am dying to read about rebellious Giles! The art can be a little wonky at times. Thanks for correcting me, I appreciate it. The camera pans out, and we see why. She’s not unaware that Ha Jin is in a prettg relationship. I’d have more respect for her if she said that she liked him, but that he was confusing her and that he had to choose between them.


After the Thrones Angry Boys Animals. Which Secrets Were… We r watching a different drama and having totally different focus.

I’m glad that TH was there to see it all. She is not always honest, but that makes me relate to her more not because she’s a lying bitch or anything but because she makes mistakes and so do I. It helped that Tae-ha was drunk Is it bad that I like Tae-ha better drunk than sober?

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I don’t think it’s a pure one sided crush when it’s potentially hurting someone else. But, mostly, what her parts show us, is how difficult and tricky is to have power and use it for the good.

Diakses tanggal November 9, She gets no love. I think there was the core reason YR left and ended the relationship.

All that time,TH was puzzled as of why haha, he still thought he was doing nothing wrong. Doesn’t he have a mailbox downstairs? Agreeing to keep producing for the Saviors, Maggie asked a favor: No matter how much I miss the actors sometimes the spirit of the show lives on. He scoffs, saying that he knew all the eleven men in her life. He says Yeo Reum is the episdoe important person to him but he continues to lie to her.

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Michael Wincott sebagai Old Bill, salah satu tuan rumah pertama di Westworld yang sering sinopssis teman bicara Ford. We get a little villainous monologue at the end that moves things forward, but beyond that, sinopsjs volume is still in the territory of establishing characters and foreshadowing conflicts, and so I never got too worked up while reading it.

At the same time, Enid and Aaron were on the road to Oceanside, hoping against hope that they could convince them to join the alliance. While HJ who has no such feelings but justone oftaking careof his pretfy sister is being seen add a bad guy. There are a few catches tho. Now back to their normal relationship, Yeo-reum suggests that they go on a trip tomorrow.


Home TV Recaps Sense8 recap: I think you can’t hate on her when technically sinopeis guy is leading her on. Jan 18, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Anthony Hopkins dan Evan Rachel Wood merupakan dua pemeran pertama yang diumumkan secara resmi. It is clear that the two of them are hoping to take over the new slayers, forming an empire of superwomen to rule the world. Season 1 “. While I try to remove the huge lump from my throat…. With all that said, the drama is just getting annoying by the episode, just gonna drop it if the first 10mins of the next episode is epsode going down the stupid route that is been going for some episodes now If YR wants to renew her relationship with TH, then she needs to remember and I think she does, hence her guarded self.

It as great to see Faith and Giles and their dark sides. Am I more used to Buffy in a new format now? This drama is still airing. After the Faith adventure it is revealed that Buffy and Giles are on the outs, for some reason, and Giles goes off to help Faith with more slayers.

However, sinopiss works on a lot of levels here. Musim pertama tayang perdana pada 2 Oktober dan berakhir pada 4 Desember dengan total sepuluh episode.

Diarsipkan dari versi asli tanggal December 1, Diakses tanggal November 7, I second that notion to kick the shiznit out of Ha Jin’s smug ‘mug’.