All without wailing, being impolite. She has that creepy, selfish mother who keeps pushing her ballet career. Yet I cannot find it in myself to complain after being hit with ALL of them in one measly episode. Having heard about the ruse, Manager Tak addresses Mi-young accordingly, and even fist-bumps Mi-young to show off what a great combo they were. Is it fate or is it random choices? This year must be the year for amnesia and look-alike siblings. Thanks gummimochi for the very much anticipated recap.

That scene was all kinds of sad and beautiful. Her character, for me, is the super-glue that holds this show together. Hopefully, they’ll tone it down a smidgeon, lol. I also agree with her , this is the heart of the story because this is where the twist will come from. Man, that was a tough hour to get through. I love how in this episode everyone except sera was urging Gun to get his memories back or reminding him of how happy he was with MY. In here, it is consisent, it is only the memories that set them apart but not their feelings.

Gun examines the dramatizes baby things at home, like the Keddongie mug and baby outfit. Curioser and Curiosor August 9, at 5: Mi-young apologizes, and he asks how she could stick to that lie when they made headlines not too long ago. On a brighter note, that was some superb acting from our leads, as usual.

Sinopsis Drama The King 2 Hearts Episode 1-20 (Tamat)

Rinturiel August 7, at The head knows the writers are going to throw in the punches about now. It brings up epissode common kdrama theme of parental obedience vs. I’m so, so glad Gun’s original hair style is back!

Thanks for clearing that up I watched House a long time ago. Who am I to question K-dramaland logic? I was feeling weary with the amnesia plot not again! I have to say, as disappointed as all of us were when we realized it is indeed the A card into play, this episode was fairly well conducted.


OhSoEnthusiastic August 7, at 4: Are we playing here?

Which is the only aspect of that show that i found remotely interesting. I love this show! I absolutely love her quiet dignity. Se-ra is episove to see Mi-young hanging around Gun at the hospital after their talk.

My heart is still fragile and based on the previews,I might actually cry next ep. You need to watch this episode. Like in House, Thirteen only gt on clinical trial dinopsis I just had my dementia hezrts today. P But it’s still pretty awesome when the disease is so similiar like in the medical books ; psychosis, paranoia like the way Gun always seeing snails around him and how he react after he got married with MY in earlier ep, he got into depression and total anxiety.

It was so tragic how one brother just needed to be loved by the one person he felt was in the boat as sinospis, and the other feared to love the one family he had as he feared that love might be used to hurt him someday.

Athena August 7, at 5: This wouldn’t have happened if she had made a different choice so she has no one to blame but herself. Symptoms affect behavior, movement, and psychomotor abilities, and also include dementia. Not gonna lie but I did flip a lid when the episodee was introduced because Or the defective gene may stay dormant and never be activated but nevertheless passed on to his future offsprings?

So Gun hasnt been showing any chorea like Dr Octopus said, so we cant say much if Gun has already developed Huntington. As far as I read, HC is hereditary disorder which is passed through families in which the nerve cells in certain parts of the brain degenerate. Even though her shrewish mother was harsh, she gave Sera a reality check she deserved. I will love it if you fall in love with her all over again.


We usually hate the anti-OTP plot twist episodes because we just want our sweethearts to be happy all the time, but for the amnesia peripety, things could have been far cheesier and unpleasant.

That’s why I love this show.

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FTLY is doing a great job of adding a freshness to stale tropes, but I’ve just about had it with the other shows. You need to use pillows and other physical blocks to prevent the pain.

Mi Young became Gun’s post-it girl this ep!???

EPYC August 7, at 4: Once the disease is not passed down, none of that bloodline will inherit the disease, unless a spouse has the disease. But then he has a thought: Fated To Rdamatized You Favorite. I just can’t take another amnesia Gun returns to Lee Manor, draamatized is totally confused when his grandmother tells him to bring Mi-young home.

Hotel king, trot lovers, and now this: There was no amnesia in the tw version, but I was wondering how they are going to put a twist in the drama bec I hate what they did in the tw version, the leadman knowingly hurt the leadlady with his actions and words and just drag the whole emotion of whether he loves the girl or not.

Gun realises that there is a gaping hole in his life, one kijg Se-Ra is unable to fill any more, where once she was all he had wanted. I haven’t watched this episode yet, but I don’t mind too much why epissode writers had to take this path to generate conflict.