This way, he’s gone and they all move on. David Tennant Net Worth. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: For the other two, I think they got what they deserved. Because of all of the Traitorgon, she was the only one remorse and the only one who asked Cha Don for forgiveness. The veteran actors, be they villains or heroes really brought it to the show. Se Gwang, is one of a kind. Lee Cha-don grew up in an orphanage and became a prosecutor, one of the most respected professions in Korea.

Se-kwang is sent to the hospital without any escort and Cha-don realizes that he might try to escape. Not really into any melos either. Download the latest version here. A young neglected boy whose mother murdered his father before committing suicide. Incarnation went out with a bang in its final week with Archived from the original on 31 March Ji Se-kwang, in order to cover all the crime he had created, tried to kill Lee Kang Seok. He seemed to have lived a very lonely existence too.

Angelina originally had one made for herself, but managed to get a second one for SeKwang, so they can leave Korea together. ,oney arrives there alone and Se-kwang is armed with the gun. One just has to take the loss or acknowledge a greater gain. About Se Kwang – it did turn out to be a tragedy where he is concern.

[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 24

As Ji-hoo sits in her room, nursing a drink, she recalls the rest of the conversation we left off from the previous episode. Did Cha Don still has his fortune? One could see his love for her leak out. Incarnation of Money, the newest drama from the Giant and History of the Salaryman team, premiered. Am I satisfied with the ending? Thanks — loved your write-up at the end, too.

Seriously I will never understand how women can love a men more then their own kids A delightfully happy ending to what has been a crazy and intense ride on this Incarnation train, giving us heart-stopping moments until the final few minutes of the finale. Unfortunately, he gets caught red-handed by Jae-in and company, who tsk their disapproval at his mad desperation. I love her the best when she was a fatty especially when she does that squeak I couldn’t stop laughing.


Its interesting that he is only remorseful for helping kill his son. Thus, he proceeded to wipe out a whole family to leave no trace of them as his own family his dad was gone.

incarnation of money actors make

He wonders if that means Bi-ryung is with Se-kwang. So Cha-don tells her the truth about Dad, but Jae-in can hardly believe her ears — her father died years ago.

It’s only interesting that to the end, he never actually repented and considers himself upholding “justice. His criminal activities started with vengeance that I most likely would have supported seeing as how he was a victim in the beginning. Now I really wanna know what happened. I stopped watching it at episode 11, but came back to it 2 days ago and since then marathoned all the remaining episodes as they were so good! Don’t believe that Angelina would have done that with a young son out there to return to.

But he roars at her to shut up and to leave him be. Yeah, I know he was evil and had lost it. Bi-ryung looks like she honestly wants to believe those words: She gives Cha-don a call, with Se-kwang aiming the gun at her.

Oh my gosh, there was a shot there –and in the pics above– where we see SeKwang’s height in relation to Cha Don’s. I too would have loved to see him in prison suffering a little prison abuse.

She apologizes to Se-kwang incagnation passing out. What’s wrong with that? The current streaming file is broken. This show is too awesome. Bi-ryung tells him to come for her and to come alone. Ji Se-kwang, in order to cover all the crime he had created, tried to kill Lee Kang Seok. You are commenting using your WordPress. Crying now, Bi-ryung whispers to Se-kwang, pleading for him to stop. Archived from the original on 31 March Se-kwang has a bored expression on his face when Cha-don presents his evidence for the embezzlement charges.


Equally hot was Lee Cha Don in a suit. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Yes, I cried for her son, not necessarily for her. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Money can make some people turn a blind eye to the incwrnation of a nearly dead person but at the same time, money can bring two different people sinopsos.

Great acting all around, many memorable characters.

incarnation of money actors make

However, the thing about “original sin” is that, no matter, how much one tries to cover it up, will only lead to more atrocious acts or incatnation etc one after the other – this is one of the issue that the writer explored, in my opinion. In the final battle of this brutal war, the truth rears its ugly head as justice comes to declare final judgment on the righteousness of our characters. Incarnation of Money engsub.

As he aprt, I felt sorry for her son who sinopsia now live without his mother. I loved that they showed us that Cha Don loved her regardless.

Thank you so much, gummimochi, for the recaps. Bi-ryung sits up a little straighter in her seat and gasps when Jae-in answers: