Loong asks Li to come to family day at the BTS, as he can take her into the depot. When electricity comes back on, Loong is on the same Skytrain, standing next to Li. Mel Chionglo Spoken Languages: Views Read Edit View history. This film’s main plot line is about two men who are deeply love each other passionately, not fraternally but do not know how to express it outwardly to each other, so they stay content on their friendship. Get Xtra in your inbox. Sejak saat itu, cowok yang satunya [seme] mencari si cowok [uke] untuk mengembalikan kameranya. The center of Bangkok’s gay scene is without doubt Silom Soi 2, a short lane crammed with bars and restaurants that cater exclusively to the gay community.

Setelah sempat takut-takut, tiap hari baca blog orang yang visanya ditolak karena takut banget visa ditolak. This is where boyishly cute Tum Sontaya Trongprasit , a young gay man escapes problems at home to meet friends and scope out potential loves. Possibly the greatest strength of the film is the melding of its cinematography and art direction, creating vivid images throughout the film, striking in their use of color, line and human form. I ndependen t R evie w: The skytrain, which celebrated its tenth anniversary the same year and lends its name to the film’s Thai and English titles, is prominently featured throughout the story. Other tourists barely blink at each other. Li’s phone rings with an unknown number, and when she answers it, it is Loong.

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Kita menantikan hubungan dengan Washington. The troupe heads to Seoul to be the best pack of jesters in Korea but they got arrested for staging a play that satirizes the king. Feeling responsible, Li take Loong’s laptop to Ped’s husband, but he can’t fix it. Best Supporting Actress Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha. I take off my shirt and dive straight into the packed dancefloor. This causes an argument, and when Loong comes in to the shop, he accidentally drops his laptop.



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Dalam kejadian itu, si cowok [uke] menjatuhkan kameranya. My very first visa ever! Everyone is clearly on a mission to make out with the local talent.

Walking down the street is like walking down a Paris runway. He arrives at my door in less than 20 minutes. Kemarin dia bertanding di Beijing di mana ia kalah angka. Or these vignette titles sulom have been retrofitted for the English subtitled version.

As revenge, Li uses Plern’s mobile to send messages to Plern’s three boyfriends, inviting them all to the store at the same time. Boy Meet Boy Korean. Li doesn’t enjoy the festivities because of her. Passengers call their friends or family to say the train has stopped. Plern uses a trick to get Loong’s mobile number, but later goes to work at the same video store instead of giving Loong’s number to Li.

Everyone else backs away as these two go at it on stage. When Li arrives home, her family scolds her, and her father forbids her to drive, so Li has to go to work by public transport. I got all the sex I needed up on that stage in the sex bar.

Polisi terus usut kematian Munir.

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During the Songkran festival, Plern joins them. Li replies that she is free for the holidays. Loong takes pictures, but Li damages the camera.


Best Actor of the Year Theeradej Wongpuapan. After a couple of drinks, and a couple of make out sessions, I leave to go back to my apartment. Sebagai ahli waris, Jin-hyuk memiliki banyak uang, terkenla, tampan, semua ia miliki kecuali kasih hidupnya. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The king is infatuated with sliom very effeminate Gong-gil. It was directed by Adisorn Tresirikasem and written by Navapol Thamrongruttanarit. After waiting for Loong to call, Li consults with Plern again, and go to a Video Rental shop that Loong visits regularly.

T’ien berpendapat bahwa dalam hubungan seks harus ada cinta. Next, the stage is filled with young, fit Thai guys in tighty-whities.

Pelesapan salah satu fungsi kalimat. Li knows Loong’s address, which is a guesthouse next to Chao Phraya River. This is where Tum, a young gay man escapes problems at home to meet friends and scope out potential loves. On the family day visit, Li finds out that Loong is leaving in two days time to spend two years studying in Germany.

The skytrain, which celebrated its tenth anniversary the same year and lends its name to the film’s Thai and English titles, is prominently ailom throughout the story.