In Japan, it aired on Mnet Japan beginning April Please, Drama Gods, give us a happy ending. I’ve always liked the way Maro and Pyo Joo sort of They were so REAL, so consistent. I think the time when we did things solely for each other is over. The other half should to go to the rest of our boys, lol.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these details that you provide in your recaps! Woo-kyung nods off in the salon, and Do-il quietly sits down next to her, leaning her head on his shoulder with a smile. Thanks guys for your awesome recaps. Hyun-soo, L got my heart too! I really want to succeed. It was an honor to share this Shut up!

Over all, this drama was awesome from start to finish. The story starts classic: I’m crossing my fingers for a stellar wrap up finish. And you can take your bandmates with you! I think the time when we did things solely for each other is over.

A basement with a pool table. Ani March 20, at 9: Thanks guys for your awesome recaps.

Shut Up! Flower Boyband with Eye Candy {L-Infinite debut drama TvN}

It caught me off guard when Ji-hyuk finally made the ultimate sacrifice—to split up Eye Candy to save their friendship. Please give us awesome, standing ovation worthy or at least satisfactory ending. So thank youdrama. What does that have to do with the band? I really wish tonight’s episode will end on a happy note.

I know I can figure it out based on the clues given in the last hour and that sometimes it was meant for me to to write the ending myself. What do I have? I think Byung Hee was the only one because they were the same in the sense that their only family was the group. You are commenting using your WordPress. Yeah I was also shocked but happy with the ending. Might I add one more thing about Woo-kyung: It is not so much he was cut out to be a leader on his own, but they are all willing to follow just him.


But he tells Hyun-soo to stick with the shiny idol world, since shiny has always suited him.

Just hoping the finale isn’t one of those stock slap dash stupid convenient finishes which plagues many dramas. He denies it of course, and turns down her offer for a date tomorrow. The reason I often hate the obligatory finale time-leap forward is because it feels lazy to me.

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We’ve taken care of it, so don’t cause trouble. Ha ha ha, I was thinking I would not be able to resist not reading the recap until I watched the episode but I did it. This drama was definitely one of the most satisfying I have seen. FunnyBunny March 19, at 9: Ha jin decides to be a great actor for his future. Flower Boy BandSung Joon. She got kicked out of her house and had nowhere siinopsis go, so I told her to stay in a room that was empty anyway.

Coming home alone dhut the dark, waiting for my parents to come home… I really hated that. I stopped at 13 and will watch it all together this weekend. That just warms my heart. And here I was, trying to stop myself from indulging in a reference to that show with the whole ramyun bit earlier. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I dunno why, but that makes me so happy. The last 4 episodes got me crying, and that is all.


I’m just surviving off of recaps now because I’m not ready for the extreme tear fest that will happen once I actually watch the episodes. I agree, I like this genre better too in fact, the City Hunter is an exception Kyung-jong agrees with Ji-hyuk to let this go, telling Hyun-soo that they all know the true story and have no beef with him.

Kyung-jong says Hyun-soo started playing guitar because he always copied whatever Ji-hyuk did. Flower Boy Band Favorite. With a total of 16 episodes will take you on a story of friendship, relationships and passion of music. He starts to leave, but turns back to ask one thing: Just like the time when they ran in the first episode. Do I think people will get everything they want tied up with a neat little bow?

He leaves the boys thoroughly chastened, hanging their heads as they remember Ji-hyuk kneeling before Seung-hoon, ripping up his contract, hugging Hyun-soo onstage to save his hand. I wonder when i’ll get to see another drama this good.

Let’s think about Japan.

To hammer in that point, he turns a corner and sees his former bandmates.