Perhaps mix water into it, LOL. He looks silly with that. Elena told Mary that they will always be sisters. All these is a facade, an illusion. Damien told Ron if he cares for Rebecca then he should leave her alone. Sorry, i dont think she will pull another Kevin Cheng back in

Here comes flashbacks again about Elena. Maybe a younger actor would be better. Login or Register before you can reply to Charlie Lin. Login or Register before you can reply to Trung. However I do not feel the amount of English spoken and spoken well is snobbery. Damien told Elena that she should admit her wrongdoings. Why cry if that is what you want?

I think TVB did buy lots of make up at a discount and they are about to expire so they must use them all up or else it would be a big waste. Ron asked Rebecca to run away with him. It is again becoming distracting. Fecap told Damien that he loved Idy and can tolerate her go with Ben.

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Damien told Shek Sau to tell Lau Kong that whoever made this move shacklrs smart. Why would Ron ever understand? What good does that do? Login or Register before you can reply to fez.

All children respects the father and is somewhat terrified of him because he is a disciplinarian. He looks silly with that.

This site uses cookies. The only other one speaking some English is Vincent but so far just one short sentence so no comment.


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Vincent ran away from home and asked Sire to get him some clothes and some money. Kenneth Ma speaks bad English in so far as pronunciation. Kenneth brought tea for Damien.

Damien told Kenneth and Tavia that the issues is their livehood and he will talk to Mr.

Both Ron and Ma Ming are equally bad. Ron asked Rebecca if he loves Kenneth. The drama had struggled to crack through 30 points in ratings since its broadcast, in which audiences complained of the predictable plot and slow development in the first half, despite the loud noise made for its love scenes.

Steroing is much much prettier no comparison. Tavia told Jess that she is not planning to start over with Damien because if she ever made him mad, he will kick her out. He speaks a lot of English and he speaks very very convincingly although he falters sometimes, you know this man either knows his English or understand the meaning of practising so as to give a good performance in that regard.

But what he said to Arthur was true, as Arthur never realised what sort of pressure Jimmy was in. She is rebellious and willful so their personalities oppose. Shek Sau slapped Tavia. Damien took Mary to watch the sunset.

Damien asked Sire if she thinks he is as happy as her.

Kenneth told Rebecca to not feel guilty about Mary. Everything I said above is about half of episode 1.


Only time will tell. That sort of man who knows what to say at the right place at the right time. The judge announced that Elena will have the custody to keep the two children.

Rebecca patch the quilt while Kenneth read epoon medical report. Email required Address never made public. He converses a lot epizode English since Arthur speaks English to his son which is believable considering their background. Performance wise, not much I can comment on. Shek Sau told Damien that Lau Kong was forced to take a step against the government. Damien watch Adrian and Sire walking happily. Damien asked Kenneth if he knows how much it will harm the family reputation if she goes in the court.

Elena said Damien he hurted the women epieode loved him and caused them pain and they brought him pain.

Rebecca is better than I thought for a newcomer; she has seems to have gotten more comfortable as the series went on. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Funn, I think it was a short training, a week. Damien thanked Ben for making Idy happy.