By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After being knocked a few blocks away by Kamaitachi, the Ninningers find themselves with new Nin Shuriken that causes them to summon the Otomonin that eventually combine into Shurikenzin to destroy the Yokai. But this was part of Masakage’s plan as he creates Kasabake from Tsumuji’s pen, having the Yokai cause a downpour and posing as a free umbrella to have Tsumuji take him to the dojo. This puts the Ninningers in a situation where they decide to keep an eye on Ungaikyo. Once the others the freed, the Ninningers battle the Jukkarage while Akaninger and Starninger destroy Yamawarawa with a team attack. Meanwhile, Kyuemon uses the fear he gathered to bring another of Kibaoni’s followers back to life. Characters Episodes ToQger vs.

Later after meeting with Yoshitaka, Kinji reveals to Kasumi that he created his Otomonin as he learns she is trying. Explaining that it was Yoshitaka who betrayed him because he is not an Igasaki, Kyuemon offers an alliance with Kinji before taking his leave. But Raizo shows up and personally kills Kasha before single-handedly overpowering the three Ninningers. Realizing too late that she was tricked, Futakuchi-onna is knocked back into normal space with the regrouped Ninningers easily defeating the Yokai. The Nekomata Strikes Back” [43] Transcription: Jiraiya is a legendary Ninja, 35th head of the Togakure School and central figure of the World Ninja War that occurred 27 years ago. Alerted by Gamagama-Ju, the Ninningers see the Yokai Ungaikyo making children happy by giving them balloons.

This causes the Sealing Shuriken on Aka Ninger’s person to transform as Kyuemon revives Tsuchigumo with the Otomonin summoned to fight him. Things seem hopeless until Kasumi plays on Futakuchi-onna pride as a businesswoman and convinces her to stand up suvbed Masakage, tricking her into breaking her contracts out of spite.

After seeing Starninger saving a girl from being, Fuka noticing he is like Takaharu, Kininger and Momoninger arrive and reveal Kinji only attacked Yoshitaka to prove his worth as a ninja apprentice.

All Ninjas Gathered” [46] Transcription: Gengetsu Kibaoni is finally revived, and Kyuemon assumes command of his father’s army, sending Masakage to deal with the Ninningers. Kasumi arrives, revealing the Kibaoni to be illusions created by Ungaikyo with Aka Ninger unknowingly revealing the Yokai’s method to though the balloons after he hampered Shinobimaru and Dragomaru’s movement. Meanwhile, Kyuemon uses the fear he gathered to bring another of Kibaoni’s followers back to life.


But Rodeomaru suddenly arrives and aids the Gashadokuro, revealed to be under the control of the Yokai legal representative Futakuchi-onna.

Ultimately, while Akaninger is turned into an action figure, Ittan-momen obtained the dress and holds Harukaze hostage to subed his escape.

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The Golden Star Ninger” [11] Transcription: Takaharu is almost killed sshuriken his battle shurimen the other Ninningers defeat Tengu, Aoininger reminding him they are a team as the Ninningers work together to defeat Raizo. However, Yoshitaka’s disgraced ex-disciple, Izayoi Kyuuemon, freed Gengetsu Kibaoni’s spirit and revived his retainers.

The ninja arrive to the city to find the people before attacked by the Hitokarage before they seeing one of the Sealing Shuriken bonding onto a chainsaw that transforms into Yokai Kamaitachi. The ninjas accept the challenge from the enemy, but Yoshitaka orders Takaharu to stay behind and have a final bout against him.

Last Ninja Race Intermediate Announcement! Takaharu, seeing the others frighten, decides to deal with the Hitokarage and Srntai on his own. Three generations had passed since Yoshitaka Igasaki, a man known as the Last Ninja, sealed the evil Yokai feudal lord Gengetsu Kibaoni. Tsugomori Masakage, who informs Kyuemon that Kibaoni’s revival is near. But this causes friction between Takaharu and Yakumo with the latter taking his leave. Though Yakumo believes that Takaharu could be inspirational to her, he learns Kasumi never intended to give up on either a ninja or student as she reveals to have developed a device to cancel out Ungaikyo’s frequency.

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Taking the fight outside, and turning the Juukarage into turtles, Aoninger enlists Akaninger’s help to finish Ittan-momen with the Magical Ninja Slash team attack. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat This turns out to be all part of Kyuemon’s plan to separate Takaharu from the others so Raizo can have his duel. After helping Takaharu with his fear of green peppers, the Ninningers find Kinji as he watches his father and brother killed.


But Kinji fights Takaharu to keep him from meddling on the others’ behalf, only to be convinced to join the fray instead. When Otomonin are trapped in Tsuchigumo’s webbing, Aka Ninger uses epiode new Otomonin Shuriken to summon Paonmaru to free the others before forming Shurikenzin Paon to finish the Yokai off. At the same time, Raizo has fully healed and decides to settle things with Takaharu.

Later, while the Ninningers are curious over where the real End Shuriken is, Yoshitaka is attacked by the mysterious ninja. However, as the Ninningers plot to switch the shuriken for a fake, Kyuemon learned of the End Shuriken’s whereabouts and Raizo decides to provide him with a Sealing Shuriken infused with his power along with a group of Hitokarage that he promotes to Jukkarage. Kyuemon uses the shuriken to create Ninninnger, who turns Fuuka into a mouse while sicing the Jukkarage on them.

The Ninningers appear to face the Yokai Buruburu, who escapes after slowing them down with his Heavy Acceleration.

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Finding that Kasumi followed him, Yakumo confines that he is not interested in becoming a ninja ninnunger reconsidering it after Kasumi uses a play on words to rattle him a bit. By then, Raizo arrives for his rematch before Kyuemon enlarges Ungaikyo to the general’s annoyance.

Explaining that it was Yoshitaka who betrayed him because he is not an Igasaki, Kyuemon offers an alliance with Kinji before taking his leave.

Views Read Edit View history. Disappointed in such weak opponents, Raizo was about to kill them when Takaharu saves them and holds the villain off. As the others save Ki Ninger, Aka Ninger defeats Raizo who is excited to finally find a worthy opponent and wants another fight before Momo Ninger covers their escape. After Kinji and Fuka learn what happened, they transform to fight before Shironinger manage to steal the Nin Shuriken back.