The Calico Cat Search Party!? Lulu’s mom explains that she wants Lulu to become as carefree again. Amu stomps away, embarrassed and angry, then tells Utau he couldn’t come. At school, Nikaidou gives an essay assignment to the Star Class about their dreams for the future. Eggs and hurry to the scene. Meanwhile, the other Guardian Characters go to the amusement park to look for clues, but find nothing and decide to go on the rides. Amu and the Guardians meet a hesitant Yuu Nikaidou who takes them to a recently used office.

Eggs go on a full out attack on the Guardians. The Guardians are gathered at a cafe, and Miki is observing some cake, which Ran steals and eats. When they got back inside, Lulu saw her parents dressed in Christmas costumes. She admires Nikaidou for his kindness. Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure descend to the tower. While Wakana is walking home from school, she begins to doubt her dream, and this makes her a target for Lulu. Egg using a special ruby necklace. At a photo shoot, the girl Guardians learn that she is going to sing in the next Girls’ festival.

The ending theme from episode 90 tois ” Take It Easy! Yaya and Rima begin to get suspicious, of the way they are acting and that Tadase switched from “Hinamori-san” to “Amu-chan.

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Amu then tells Saaya she is rugube the way she is. While they are having a meeting, Diamond appears and tells Ran and Miki to make up quickly. Meanwhile, Ikuto is in the garden in the amusement park, sitting down on the grass.


Yoru, Il, and El later come and decide to help. Security finds Amu and Tadase, and kicks them out.

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Lulu comes by to the Iwagaki dojo and takes advantage of his love for cute things, turning his Heart’s Egg to a? After many attempts by Amu to get Rima to laugh, Rima declares her rivalry to Nagihiko. Yaya reveals that Utau is having another concert. While the Guardian Characters are drinking tea, Nana shows up and tells them that Lulu is not a bad person and is only doing this to make a certain person happy.

Nagihiko ends up falling in a hole himself, and in a show of humor, pulls Rima down the hole with him. Amu is frustrated, but goes to see Yukari. To Who I Used to Be!! It’s cleaning day for the entire school.

The Guardians go back to the city and find Nobuko Saeki. Tadase tells him he wishes he had an older brother, so Kukai invites Tadase to his house.

Lulu is speechless again and her grandma leaves. Ikuto tells her not to cry.

Holy Saber and Dark Night Storm negate one another and they fight. Egg into an X Egg. Egg using a special ruby necklace. Nikaidou catches up with the girls and they look ahead to their future. Yaya drags Rima, Pepe, and Kusukusu into it. She almost gets squashed by Manami, but gets powered up pom-poms to deflect the attack. Everyone goes their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Ikuto has left Amu’s room. In Easter, Kazuomi goes to tell Gozen he will have the Embryo soon, but he’s not sgugo his office. Amu again tries charq talk some reason into Lulu. Amu is standing outside of a store, when a girl walks out. Later we see, Ikuto is seen walking away from Amu’s house, only to be captured by Easter. Tadase knows that his suspicions were correct and starts fighting him.


Lulu apologizes, and the egg hatches to cf a reborn Nana.

Cecil suddenly appears and explains that Yua freezes up when singing in front of people and that she hides when Yua sings. While playing the violin one day, an old woman gives him a photo of Alto. At first, Lulu refused help, but eventually, rtuube both were in-sync.

Are the Two Rivals? After a talk about feelings with Kazuomi, Amu and Tadase combine their powers and use Platinum Heart. Lulu is told of this and manipulates the chraa, turning his Heart’s Egg to a? Nana, using the idea of UFOs on the television she saw earlier with Lulu, decided to make a crop circle.

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Easter finally finds him, and Tsukasa is too late to get him. Egg, and he Character Transforms to Space Dream. Sjugo breakfast, Amu’s parents asked her to take her little sister out.