His last drama GFB premiered to less. I hope the other rookies get a backstory too. Romance Is a Bonus Book: Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast. Well majority of the Korean viewers love Cha Seung Won’s partner more than LDW, i think he made a right choice by partnering up with Seung Gi, most of LSG dramas have high ratings and this one with both of them together will definitely start to pick up pace in the ratings department But there you have it.

A good premiere, but not as great as I had hoped. Each episode had me guessing at what would happen next, and of course it leaves you hanging so you have to watch the next episode. Perhaps seeing someone who is so like her brother will be comforting to her somehow? What a great start to a drama. Just as Hwan has eyes only for Eun-sung, so Seung-mi sees only Hwan. Thank you for sharing. I am already addicted.

She notices him from across the building in the broadcast room, and gets on the PA system to get his attention.

Shining Inheritance Episode 22 | Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English subtitle

WHAT A great sequence to start a drama. And indeed Eun-sung is close to tears when he hands her the necklace.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. When you cry, you cry from within.

Sandy May 8, at 6: I have been watching first episodes of lots of dramas and not being able to complete many of them. Now, we can only hope this doesn’t turn into makjang fest a. I didn’t really like Seung Gi but after watching this series my view of him changed and I now understand why he’s popular and well-loved. The acting, the story, everything about this drama was amazing. Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won would work better together.


Didn’t think that LSG would be so much of a ‘muscle man’ under his shirt!

Episode 23

Yoo Ji In Supporting Cast. No matter, because when they catch sgining, two of their lnheritance have already bungled things up by being taken hostage. Eun-sung can be so merciless sometimes! He’s so sweet, romantic and heroic. Look at what you have turned me into! She admits way too honestly that she came to this department because detectives get paid the highest salary.

You already rule Sat-Sun. But anyway, let’s hope the ratings continue to do well.

Shining Inheritance Episode 22

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He has never seen her this happy. You wrote what I felt but don’t have the skill set to articulate. I’m thinking they need joint therapy sessions.

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Dramacrazh the two-timing boyfriend calls iheritance out and makes her give her real name: Swen February 1, at His eyes bloodshot from not sleeping, Hwan walks to where Eun-sung is standing on the suspension bridge.


Please enter the character as shown in the image above. He makes his grand exit with the entire student body of girls cheering him on, as he turns back to make heart hands and finger guns at his crush.

Not for a second do I think Jun-se was trying to assert his claim inheritande Eun-sung in front of Hwan. I loved everything about it except the step-mother, I want someone to flay he in the dungeons. Google IP proxy – there are ways to have your computer appear in another region.

Kitzeekat Shinin 8, at 3: Having to watch his mom die right in front of his eyes, to save his life, while he couldn’t move a muscle! Okay I swore I shouldn’t click on the recap until I have seen the episodebut GF intro just made me click read more!

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