Audience would love to see his work on the big screen. Abdullah Wazir Dec 31, His shots are beautifully composed and visually astute, and he manages to create magic with his writer and director, in translating their vision. However, our culture needs to mature and learn to address difficult issues as long as the arguments are aesthetically presented. Video is violating privacy. Please enter your Password for confirmation. The natural acting of the cast and the realistic characters and situations they were in was wonderfully directed by Ali Tahir.

The more popular channels themselves suffered a special malaise in — with Hum TV producing one lackluster serial after another; Geo and its potboilers disappearing mid-season and ARY deciding to stretch perfectly constructed serials to breaking point. Hameed Ajmal Sheikh Jan 01, We were force fed second wives and evil mothers-in-law ad nauseum. Industry expertise We develop insights our clients act on—strategic decisions and practical actions, tailored to their situation. Based on a total of 13, responses, the results show that Pyaray Afzal dominated Pakistani television this year. Special mention for Sheher-e-Yaran for a thrill of a minute story that twisted and turned enough to keep even the easily bored, fascinated. Consulting services We are known for our holistic perspective. Let us hope the industry has the vision and strength not to limit themselves, but to move forward and make even better and brighter.

Written by Fasee Bari Khan was a fascinating drama which touched on many taboo subjects such as prostitution, black magic and sexuality. Ayeza played her role with an unfaltering determination that showed how good an actress she has become.

Hameed Ajmal Sheikh Jan 01, Janam Jali’s Facebook page. Ushna Shah is an actress with great potential and we cannot wait to see the star she becomes.


Consulting services We are known for our holistic perspective. We cross boundaries with our clients to create value. Hasb e Haal — 23 October Invoking the bitter-sweet ride that was Pyaray Afzalhere was all the promise, the blind resilience shhr youth and inexperience as it ddama the harshness of this world head on, encapsulated in one beautiful song.

Ary drama shehr e dil key darwazay episode 41: demon may cry episode 1

Acting, dialogue, direction, stories. Its a delight yarn see the class level of Pakistani dramas. Search Result Videos Drama-Shehr-e-dil-ke-darwazey-ep Ahsan Khan for Daud of Marasimwho like the rest of us weaker mortals learns humility all too late, who despite his best efforts is never able to make any of his dear ones happy.

Last 7 days 4 7 days Last 30 days Last Year. The shhr Sana gave a wonderful performance that was the perfect foil to her rather ziddi but equally lovely sister Farah. Pyaray Afzal is probably the greatest drama ever produced in Pakistan, and Hamza Ali Abbasi easily the best actor in Pakistan.

Suave, handsome, kind and honourable — if only we could see more like him on screen.

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Romaisa from Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai for spouting dialogues such as ” Kaash main machli hoti, kash main batakh hoti. Ayeza Khan wins for playing a heroine with pride and integrity and a complete lack of sentimentality. Naveed Malik is able to translate written words into visual poetry in Pehchan. Faraz Dec 31, sheur Rafique Soomar Jan 04, Report Detail Video contains prohibited content.

The drama, penned by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar who initially had a different ending planned, caught the imagination of a lot of people and fascinated the nation like no other serial this year.


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Perception Beats Reality in Pricing Get proper credit from consumers for your chosen price position. Hamza Ali Abbasi for all the reasons listed above, he is now and forever our iconic Afzal Bhai. Shehhr weaving so many disparate threads with an in-your-face audacity that defied logic but made it eminently watchable.

Hareem is another new face sure to shine in the coming year.

Video was deactivated by our moderator. Shehr-e-Dil Key Darwazay Episode. Well-defined characters; strong, moving dialogues and a precisely plotted main narrative allowed for just the right amount of dramatic tension. For its eponymous hero Afzal who was not afraid to challenge anyone, for showing us women like Yasmin and Farah, who were never victims or the bholi larki so beloved of our drama makers, for showing us a positive religious figure, for giving us reason to hope and daring us to believe in something better even when all looks hopeless.

Couple this with some fabulous cast chemistry and a catchy original sountrack OSTmade it a soap we waited for every day. Types Books Infographics Newsletters Videos and multimedia.

Each time Pyaray Afzal started we had to ask the question— are we watching it for the father or the son? Pyaray Afzal became the overall favourite drama for its dramwlove struck hero, filmy sensibilities, finely etched characters and a gripping storyline.