I have not adored a character this much in years! The love of two men for one woman, or the possession of one woman, is not the only theme of “Theirs to Cherish”. Thorpe is older and may lust after Callie, but has his own demons that prevent him from going any further. So much that I gave the highest rate which is rare for me. Guess I was expecting more or had highier hopes as I usually love all of Shayla Black’s work. Callie is torn between two Sean and Thorpe, not sure who to trust, but she must surrender body, soul and heart to escape a killer. If you love Shayla’s writing and character style, you’ll love this latest installment.

He’s normally intense, in control, downright intimidating and in this book he’s Ooooh my age or my ex left me blah Now… Theirs to Cherish. Preview — Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black. Theirs to Cherish was just what I needed. You will not be disappointed in Theirs to Cherish. I enjoyed the story up to the middle, then I found some chapter quite redundant.

Others have loved it and you may too, but it just wasn’t for me. All those testosterone to help one of them to find happiness was totally serue. I am always thrilled when I discover that the heroes are not brotherhood, did not spend their childhood in an orphanage, did not run away together because of abusive family, did not shared the army service together, are not siblings, etc.

View all 4 comments. Her books have werie millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.


Trivia About Theirs to Cherish I will continue to read the series because I love the author and don’t want to miss the characters that I love so much. Bratty subs, two deliciously dominant men who can’t stand each other, action and toe curling sexy going on.

Theirs to Cherish

View all 9 comments. All in all, I was damn impressed with Black and can’t believe I’ve not read her sooner.

Sean was a good guy throughout. Maybe I’m sounding bitchy because I pegverso want something good to read and everything I’ve found is exactly the same, I don’t know yet if I’ll bother to read.

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Thorpe is older and may lust after Callie, but has his own demons that prevent him from going any further. This uneasiness definitely altered my perception of the story until even the dialogue became exasperating. She would have been better off with someone who just wanted eo to kneel, call him Sir, and liked to dish out a good paddling nowand then.

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I liked that Thorpe and Sean hated each other. However he’s falling in love with her which will bring his secrets to the top. A glance up proved Thorpe had gone.

If Thorpe or Sean told her the sky was blue, she was going to say it was gray. A mystery that always had you thinking in the back of your mind, “what is his deal?


Could there be something inside it? Thorpe repeatedly pissed me off and I wanted to smack him a lot.

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There’s always a spot of danger lurking as they try to figure pdrverso who murdered Callie’s family and keep her safe from those hunting her. And Callie, while not always doing the smart thing, has always managed on her own so she assumes she can and should continue to do so. But as it happens, fucking you suits us. Tellme perveso you want, Sir. He was always a mystery. I wasn’t lonely or lost anymore.

gyardaespaldas Wicked Lovers 1 – 10 of 13 books. These three were incredible together. He’s older–which gah just does it for me– and so has that commanding Dom presence that’s just shiver worthy. The Wicked Lovers Series as a whole is one of the best out there. She was not a prisoner, FBI knew where she was.

This is a MMF read. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I won’t give up on the series nor her talents, maybe the next installment will be better. Sean was devastated and would do anything to keep Callie and protect her.