Things go smooth until Nataraj Arav enters the school. We have sent you a verification email. Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. Jun 7, , Together they live it up with drugs and alcohol until things get out of control when they accidentally kill a couple. Summaries 2 Synopsis 1.

I’m not that much of a Shaitan Why many Hindu students study in Bihar’s madrasas. Aishwarya who is pregnant with Dinesh’s child tells him that she doesn’t know about what he is speaking and that she is sorry for Dinesh’s condition. Movies I love but everybody hates. Also, his best friend Ravi who comes to help him gets killed in an accident due to Dinesh. A gay, linguistic professor living in a small orthodox city must deal with the aftermath of a sting operation that puts his sexual orientation in front of the entire nation. Vijay Antony , Yazin Nizar. The voice in Dinesh’s head keeps telling him to die and Dinesh sees miserable things on TV screens, computer screens and distorted bruised faces near the windows. Like the Breakfast Club only if breakfast was served at the side of the road at three in the morning.

Amrita accordingly goes ‘missing’, and her father involves the police, who assign this case to once-suspended police inspector, Arvind Mathur. Shaw back in form as Mumbai ysnopsis Goa Adani group to operate five airports for 50 years Honouring our fallen: Then, they abandon their bodies near a river bank and run away.

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When Dinesh sees her, he notices that she has a photo held in her hand The 50 year old photo of herself and Sharma in it. Crazy Credits The end credits rotate about a point in screen instead of rolling upwards. Shaitan is produced by Anurag Kashyap and directed by first timer, Bejoy Nambiar is one such rare good things that comes out of Bollywood once in awhile. However there still few things in the movie i am disappointed with What worked for me is The ultra cool camera-work ,direction.


Aayush Sharma wants to be a part of a Marathi film?

However, what really saved this movie from being a total waste of time is Rajeev Khandelwal, who plays the police investigator with marriage problems. The film collects Rs 70 lakhs. Highlights include the badass soundtrack and Rajeev Khandelwal in terrific form. In the process of saving Dinesh, she gets injured badly. I was amazed at the beauty of “Khoya Khoya Chand “scene.

Tanya Sharma Rajkummar Rao Filmmaker Nayana Sooryan is no shaiitan. Entertainment Young filmmaker, Nayana Sooryan, found dead Bold love stories, if done well will be accepted: Do the writers of synopdis movie Know that they are supposed to write characters that shaiitan actually want to root for instead writing characters that people want to see spend the rest of their lives in prison? Things go smooth until Nataraj Arav enters the school.

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Includes movies from Bollywood and other regional industries. Jaylakshmi and Nataraj get close and have an illegal baby who takes the shaihan of Sharma as his father. The flavour of the film keeps fluctuating as the tone of scenes keep changing from extreme tension to lighthearted moments but there is never a continuity lapse as such in the temperament.

Add the first question. Jun 7, Of all the film fraternity in India ,Anurag Kashyap has a great eye in bringing out daring and fresh tales. Retrieved from ” https: Celebrating 25 years of Magalir Mattum, a film for the Symopsis Too era.


They get a call from the apartment neighbor that a woman Jayalakshmi had come to visit Dinesh.

Interesting plot with super acting skills dominating the screen. No One Killed Jessica Must watch for those who like to watch something different and unique every time they step into a theater. Aishwarya who is pregnant with Dinesh’s child tells him that she doesn’t know about what he is speaking and that she is sorry for Dinesh’s condition. Dilip The movie is about 5 friends who get into some trouble and they try to pllot these problems which in turn lead to further bigger problems.

What the fuck, Bollywood. Little of the plot threads hold up to scrutiny and characterisation is largely done by broad strokes. The performances of Rajiv Kahndelwaal and Kalki were awesome.

If you plkt not living on the edge you are taking up too much space ‘the mantra that defines the youth of today. With no hang ups and no boundaries, excitement is what they seek till a ‘moment’ changes everything. The humor is dark, the men are darker, the women even more frightening. Akshara Singh takes to Instagram to thank those who helped her. The soundtrack and the background score have a mind-blowing effect.

A scuffle ensues and Dinesh is drugged with high doses of the chemical. After breaking up with his childhood sweetheart, a young man finds solace in drugs. Khandare 28 Apr Saithan released alongside its dubbed Telugu version, Bethaladuon 1 December