Lawak yang hanya dianggap kelakar oleh budak berumur 7 tahun, atau orang dewasa yang otaknya terencat pada tahap umur 7 tahun. Which movie would you watch during this festive season? There have now been 9 of ’em since ; they’re practically a national institution, for better or worse. Anak sundal kurang ajar. The writer feels that it would do good if the movie doesn’t carry the ‘Senario’ branding, seeing that only two of the Senario group is in this movie. Wednesday, September 15, Garam yang tawar, asam yang basi. Cuba abang try kat kedai sane tu.

Tapi in the end, ini sebuah filem Senario , yang formulanya tak ubah-ubah selama 14 tahun. Ingat kalo ilmu tu dari omputih, takyah nak belajar? XD Sup torpedo memang sedap. Malaysia’s Favourite Movie Site Since Jamban yang penuh dengan tahi yang tak dapat di flush. Many would pick Saiful Apek based on his popularity among the Malay viewers, compared to his ex-Senario group members. Cinema Online is 20! Kinda like the Senario movies itself actually.

Kalau adanya jalan cerita ialah sesuatu yang baru untuk filem Senariojadi filem-filem Senario yang sebelum ni memang tak ada jalan cerita?

She can teach you, but she’d have to garzm. Like I said, it’s slightly better than I expected. The news of a tender for the extension of the school in the village adds tension between Pak Adam and Asam and Garam, which forces Asam and Garam to try any means possible to sabotage Pak Adam’s bid for the project.

Wednesday, September 15, Garam yang tawar, asam yang basi.

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Plotnya cuma “kumpulan Senario berada di suatu tempat dan buat lawak sukati diorang”? I may be grasping at senaroi, but watak yang cerdik dan pandai memang jarang dalam filem Melayu. Even then, it’s pretty clear that the plot is way too slight to fill its minute running time. I thought it was crap too.

Frankly, other than that Zaibo overacts his kejahatan, I’m not even ccast why we’re supposed to root for Adam, or why Hawa’s family likes him so much. The reason they are gathered is because of their asma will, which states certain requirements that needs to be fulfilled in order for them to inherit RM50 million. The Gilligan Cut is not to comedy what foie gras is to food, as you ought to be aware if you even knew what it was. It just brings out that buttery liver after taste: You can now proceed to book tickets at TGV Cinemas, click the link below to continue.


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Namewee reshoots “Banglasia” for Malaysian theatrical release. Takpe, takpe; kita reviu filem ni, bukan filem-filem tu. You missed a prime opportunity there to do a Gilligan Cut, and frankly, I know why – it’s because that gag depends on economy of storytelling and snappy comic timing.

Camne aku nak keep track of all of you? Subscribe To Me Posts Atom. That would be ironic, don’t you think? And you can’t have that, because cerita ko tu tak cukup untuk penuhkan masa. When a mysterious fire burns the place down, Adam and his partner Tam Sathiya are first to help her build a new warong, because Hawa’s son Amin Shafimie Saedon and her sisters Odah Nadia Mustafar and Yan Adeline Tsen are sweet on him already. What ever more, “Senario Asam Garam” are still able to captivate every age group in the community with its light storyline which don’t require one to think.

Giligan’s Cut pun tak tau. Maybe you should try writing the next Senario movie. Kami gerai kecik aje.

I haven’t watched them so I wouldn’t know, but I guess so lah kan? Alternatively, it shows the hero losing to the villain, but in such a way that we sympathise asma and root for him.

It’s one of the most basic filmic comedy gags, and caet done well it’s always funny. One that puts a little more effort to troll in scripts and pantun, but still Because it’s perfectly fine with you that our film azam keeps making filem jamban? You can now proceed to book tickets at Amerin Cineplex, click the link below to continue. But due to unforeseen circumstances, “Aman” was axed.


I doubt you do, because you obviously didn’t click on those TVTropes links – because apa, ko dah pandai sangat?

Chris Hemsworth to star in this legendary wrestler’s biopic. Which asm would you watch during this festive season? So yes, it’s very very slow-moving. Whatever jokes that aren’t completely bangang betul are ruined by being dragged out long past the point where they could ever be funny.

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He doesn’t feel awkward next to his co-stars, even performed well alongside veteran actors. So we have Zaibo to fill in for him, and from what I can see he fits right in. Moreover, Pak Adam is an honest contractor unlike Asam and Garam.

The senrio element portrayed in the movie fails to make the audiences laugh, even to the extent of boredom for some. Please select at least one item. Nur Safina Othman Writer Ratings: Wait, dari komen di atas, “Anonymous Sup Torpedo” masih dalam “sarcastic mode” ke?

Asam and Garam dislike Pak Adam because both castt are in the construction business. You wrote off Senario Asam Garam without even watching it, and now you’re condemning my criticism of it – why?

View my complete profile. I was midly disapointed when the best you could spew in your replies was the unending humorless reference to soup torpedo. Apa yang ko expect dari filem Senariosemua ada – Azlee and Lan Pet Pet asyik buat muka sewel, the rest of the cast berlakon over-the-top gilebabi, dan setakat itulah komedi dalam filem ini.

Tak reti bukak buku recipe ke?