It gives him an idea. Kramer manages to stave off their anger by introducing “the Bro” to them. She start the big fight, about abortion. Elaine looks sick, as she’s caught out. Walking down the street Jerry finds the doorman, who incidentally is standing outside his own apartment building. A bra is for ladies. You see, my fellow doorman and I watch out for each other. George takes off his glasses, as Frank settles back.

Elaine and Jerry depart the scene of the crime in some haste. Oh, thank you, Sid, but that’s all in the past. How come someone wasn’t watching the door? George is miles away. I thought Jerry didn’t want that couch, because of the stain? Frank enters, carrying a small bowl. The baldness gene comes from your grandfather.

The Doorman

The tourist are looking out of the bus. On his way in Jerry has an awkward conversation with the doormanplayed by real-life friend Larry Miller. Why waste time making small talk with the doorman? The laughter continues for a moment. Poppie sinks onto the couch, despite the pleas, and horrified expressions, of Jerry and Elaine. George’s parents separate and Frank comes to stay with him. My father opened his shirt Why, what’s wrong with bro? It’s not brain surgery. Was she uh, was she a big, uh woman?


Jerry doesn’t want to face the doorman again; eposode wants to wait until the doorman leaves seinfe,d he and Elaine can go to the movies. Here’s what I’m thinking. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. mmanzier

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Well, it’s almost six now. I get rid of my father. Andy Ackerman Recurring Cast: But I don’t know if this is gonna work.

George drops the cases in disappointment. Kramer is holding his invention as they pitch it to Farkus. He also questions her about his grandmother’s bosom size. The doors of an elevator open, and a young woman pushing a baby buggy emerges and heads for the exit.

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Search for ” The Doorman ” on Amazon. On their way to his apartment, George talks with his mother to convince her to take back Frank. But when Jerry leaves his post and the couch in the lobby is stolen, Jerry and Elaine formulate a plan to cover their tracks. Let me do the talking! That doorman knows you’re a friend of mine.


He’ll tell that co-op lady, she’ll tell Mr. George is miles away. AS he opens the door, dpisode man enters and strolls past Jerry into the elevator vacated by the woman.

Jerry and Elaine look shocked. George is helping Frank on with his coat, a happy smile beaming from his face.

You know, Frank can’t be too comfortable with those things clanging around. George is strap-hanging, manzker he gets a worried look as he feels there might be some movement on his chest. What d’you mean, breasts? Pitt’s building, Jerry and Elaine have delivered the couch. I really don’t have to talk to you.

Maybe he’s setting me up! I can’t believe you left your post. Okay, you came to pick me up at