The next inning, Nagata hits a two-run home run off Sawamura. Furuya begins to intentionally give up hits so his outfielders can cover for his current weakness. A double with two outs gives Teito a chance to increase their lead, but Sawamura forces a ground out to first base to end the inning. Furuya comes out for the second and strikes out the clean-up and 6 batters, though Mei manages to pop out to third instead of striking out. Chris has Miyuki join him and Sawamura in the bullpen as they try to master Sawamura’s new pitching form and get him to start throwing strikes with it. Back to the game, Kataoka tells his players to be aggressive, swing hard and pressure hard. A total of 51 episodes were broadcast by TV Tokyo.

At the top of the ninth, after two outs, Seidou managed to put Miyuki and Haruichi on base. Not wanting to risk a turnaround, Teito walks Haruichi to load the bases and face off against Maezono Kenta who is hitless on the day. Coach tells Mei that an Ace that pitches for himself is not an true Ace. In the showdown Sawamura develops a new pitch, the crossfire pitch. This episode serves as a recap of the first 27 episodes, showing how Eijun Sawamura joined the Seido High School Baseball team, his struggles with the JV, and his eventual rise to play in the tournament all while hoping to become the ace of the team. Lists of British non-fiction television series

With the new team in Inashiro, there is a lack of leader, coach is thinking of making Mei the captain of this team. Anime – the channel’s primetime block consisting of Japanese anime programs targeting for all audiences.

The goal is to determine who will join the starters for upcoming practice games. Next Haruichi promises to bring him home and get the first years a run. As game day episdoe the entire Seido team stares down Yakushi, mostly focusing their stares on Raichi Todoroki.


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Kataoka calls Sawamura, Furuya, and Kawakami into his office and tells them that Tanba isn’t ready to pitch in the next game. With Ichidaisan’s returnee and new ace, Amahisa Kosei, can the team avenge their bitter Summer loss? The two seem to be working effectively together against the older students until Eijun’s upperclassman roommate Masuko comes to the plate.

Seido begins planning immediately to combat it. Once their coverage scenarios are done they are sent out for outfield catching. Eijun continues to get out most of Inashiro’s batters, but when the top of the order comes around Eijun participates in an event that could cost his team the game.

Finding inspiration from Matsubara’s strong will he’s continued to show the team, and the cheering crowd behind them, Ugumori’s batters attack relentlessly with no plans of stopping.

Sawamura is able to trick Raichi and get him behind with some outside pitches into yakuzhi count. Sawamura’s arrival causes a slight change of pace in the game.

The fourth pitch is a change-up, a swing and miss for Sanada and that’s the third out. The third pitch is a pitch Raichi’s been waiting for but it’s a swing and miss. Inashiro Industrial with Miyauchi while Tanba is forced to work with Miyuki. The studio was responsible for the first Beyblade anime series as well as the Dragon Drive anime. In a different stadium, Shunshin decides to face Raichi head-on at the bottom of the eighth.

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The second semifinal takes place as Inashiro Vocational battles a surprise dark horse in Sakurazawa High. Zono, overly concerned about Miyuki, pesters him, asking him if he’s sure he’s okay. Raichi is up to bat and Sawamura greets him with a fastball to the inside which Raichi hits into episdoe field. They also see the pitching machine turned up full throttle so Akikawa’s players can get used to seeing the speed with their eyes, even if they can’t hit it.


Seido then participates in their second game of the tournament against Puplic Murata East High School. The Debaters is a Canadian radio comedy show currently hosted by Steve Patterson.

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Power Hour – the channel’s weekend afternoon block consisting seidoj selected Power Rangers franchised series and action themed animations from 1: This episode covers chapters 30 to March 30, [29].

The long 2 hours and 53 minutes of desperate struggles ends.

April 6, [30]. The intra-squad game continues. Member feedback about List of Inazuma Eleven episodes: The second pitch, Shirasu is out on a liner to first. At first Sawamura pitches the ball straight down the middle, but a throwback from Miyuki makes Sawamura remember it is a team game and not a one-on-one contest.

Seido realizes Narumiya is only going all out for Yuki, but will this lead to them having a mental epieode or lead to them being more determined than ever to defeat Narumiya? Unknown to everyone, the Coach arranges three practice games for the weekend to see how everyone will do at maximum fatigue.