And I was like, “I was jumping around? Auctions – Bid or Buy Now. Make sure you enjoy the festivities. It was like icing on the cake. When a team ends your season like the Indians did to the Yankees in ’97, that was still talked about. The scariest series is the first one because it’s best three out of five.

It was kind of cool, but we were still down, and we knew we had a ways to go. Now, shipped across the country and thrust into the New York spotlight on a team with its sights set on a championship, the third baseman promised himself that no matter what happened, he would try to enjoy the ride. I think you have to go in saying, “This is ours, now, and we’re going to win it. When you’re in the middle of it and you’re still playing and winning, you don’t really think about it in those terms. Retrieved from ” https: For me it was just like, this is dream-come-true kind of stuff. The Yankees would go on to lose Games 6 and 7 of the series, after which Brosius retired.

You can’t brosiuss to jump and hug guys — it’s the coolest feeling ever. But the thing that Joe Torre talked about all year long was, just grind.

I worls seeing it and looking around the bus and saying to the guys, “Gosh, I didn’t realize this was best two out of three. Make sure you enjoy the festivities. Brosius was the A’s starting third baseman through the mids, although he played almost games in his Oakland career at other positions, primarily in the outfield. And during playoff games, you know that every run is golden.


Scott Brosius

To this day, Scott Brosius insists that you could choose any player on the Yankees who was just as, if not more, deserving of the World Series MVP Award than he was. Are you thinking anything at that point, or is it just muscle memory?

So that celebration, for me, meant something.

Auctions – Bid or Buy Now. It was kind of cool, but we were still down, and we knew we had a ways to go. There was extra intensity, no question. I saw it as a really awesome award to get, but it didn’t matter because we won, and that’s all I cared about.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He hit 2 home serie in Game 3 of the World Series, including one off of Padres closer Trevor Hoffman to give the Yankees a lead in the 8th helping propel the Yankees to a Series lead. How confident were you going into the postseason, both personally and as a team? I was seeing the ball pretty well off of Sterling, and to me it was just about getting on base.

Describe the rush of feelings in that moment. The clubhouse was loose, but at the same time you could see the underlying sense of, “It’s go time. Any time you can leave home up 2 games to none, you feel great. Make sure you enjoy the festivities.

How did the trip around the bases feel after that home run? My family told me the way I was jumping around, I looked like Tigger. Oregon Sports Hall of Fame.

There’s definitely a different feel in the playoffs. The infield was in, and I was fortunate because Brownie had a ton of movement on his ball that day — he was throwing hard with a lot of sink. No, it was excitement.


Scott Brosius recalls the postseason |

It was early September, and I had been struggling a little bit offensively. Typically, my approach off him was to pull something because everything was running in on you.

Seties punched your ticket to the World Series at Yankee Stadium. You see guys where the postseason starts tough for them, and it starts to snowball because there’s so much more attention put on it.

When a team ends your season like the Indians did to the Yankees in ’97, that was still talked about. But you seriees know how a series can turn, and you’ve watched enough playoff series to know that when you get a team to their home field, the series is far from over.

How did you feel facing him? But at the same point, it’s like, “Wow, I just hit a World Series home run. You think, “This is what the big leagues should be. I guess I figured we were going to be in the playoffs so maybe I was trying to get myself used to the feeling, but it was just ho,erun I would tell myself.

He was traded to the Yankees after the season homerum Kenny Rogerswho had struggled mightily in New York.