Vidyachatur and others plan about the gift of Saras and Danny. Badimaa says who is helping Ghuman. Danny says I m ashamed of myself, my mum ….. Badimaa says then go, I m leaving for hospital now. Yash says nothing, I m happy for him. He calls Danny and asks where are you. She says yes, but I feel Badimaa is worried.

Kamran Gulzar 28th Apr – The Episode starts with Saras bringing Kumud to the Desai house. Badimaa says then go, I m leaving for hospital now. Everyone are angry seeing him. She says no one told me you both came back. Dinesh says fine, if you try to run, I will not leave you. Kusum opens the door of a room and Kumud goes inside to blow off the candle. When Kumud calls Mihika, she refuses the call.

She says I want to buy gold bangles. He says that you supported the truth. He says Kumud was not with me, but I was sure you will bring her back. Vidyachatur gives the gift to them. Kumud asks about the baby. She says you made the sheera very good. He saraswtaichandra the mangoes and calls Kumud and Saras. Danny brought such a big order and I did not do anything.

Vidyachatur says Saras and Kumud are not at home. He says you will break. Danny says no, I will do. She makes an excuse and says I m sorry.

Ghuman says good, you can go. Danny says its tough to understand you.


Kumud runs to them. Vidyachatur says I want to gift them like they understand their relation and remind them that they are always together. She holds his hand and gives him strength. Badi Ma thinks that it could be connected to Guman. Yash gives the idea to Vidyachatur to give a photo frame to the brothers. Kabir says is this your warning or love. Kumud says lets go. He says I have kept one jewellery for you to give you on some special day, but I think I should give you today.

Last updated Apr 29, Danny asks are you ready to believe in this marriage. Kumud asks Saras why did you not ask him.

Danny says I need to talk about mum. He says I can see clearly that now you are capable of taking the family responsibility. Kumud asks Kusum shall I come over there, if you are getting bored.

Saraswatichandra: 25th April; Kabir Says Its Guman Turn To Be Destroyed

Kusum hugs her first. He gives her the sheera which Kusum made. Guniyal asks Danny whats all this. Kusum says I did the Grah Pravesh, 204 will do what you say. The Episode starts with Saras bringing Kumud to the Desai house. Last updated Apr 24, A password will be e-mailed to you.

Guniyal says yes, everything is fine now, I will do the puja today. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Saras calls out Menka Maasi.


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Danny laughs and leaves. She says my both children came home, my Saras and Kumud.

Badimaa says Kumud has to go and help Kusum in the cooking. Danny says the thief is in this house, so I asked Kusum to keep an eye in this house. He says I m very happy seeing you.

He asks what are sarasqatichandra doing. The second gift has earrings and a note.

She smiles and wears the earrings. He tells what Danny and Saras did for them. Kumud says you look innocent but episodw are very naughty. Kabir says Ghuman is coming with me to London for not returning ever.

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Kusum brings Dada ji to a room and closes the door. Danny gets a call from Gupta and says I will come. Badimaa hugs Guniyal happily. She smiles and takes it.