About the mother being a zombie and failure. Does that clear up preview? That is until she meets Rea in the spoiler the graveyard part was the most emotional and that cannot be denied. As I watched this, I was thinking that maybe it was time to lower my rating for the show, which really irritates me since I was really impressed with the first few episodes. Fukkatsu-hen Space Battleship Y I was anxiously awaiting this episode as I was genuinely intrigued by the cliffhanger at the end of the last episode. In some of her memories of her mom she remembered her mom asking how is her fever, her mom stated that she forgot that she can’t tell temperature. Like her or hate her, you gotta admit, she’s kinda cute.

BBCode ‘Everything is impossible until proven possible. Lanthanum All reviews 94 people found this review helpful. What was interesting was Mero copying the Heart Sutra, usually done for good karma. It was nice to see some feet service of Mero in the spoiler her feet are so small and MOE. Yoshida, Shunji Episode Director. Mar 3, 6: BBCode “In both love and octopus-hunting, you have to take the initiative!

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epsiode Sadly I was disappointed when that was not what the episode was about. Lanthanum All reviews 94 people found this review helpful. However the best comes in the spoiler Mero with her first nice blush of course. And she is supa kawaii. Last Page Yumekichi11 – Apr epissode, Well at the end was a good episode,next back to the plot with some fillers it seems That sankareaa would make a connection between Rea and her mother because of their shared zombie characteristics is sad, however – she really can’t move forward because she’s looking back.


Soon enough, his love for all things zombie comes in handy when sankarfa cat Baabu gets run over, prompting Chihiro to try to make a resurrection potion and bring him back to life. Then that reminds her of her mother with not able to feel anything with her feel. Yoshida, Shunji Episode Director. Add to My List. Mero conversation with Rea in the graveyard the best of the episode,Mero blushing because she remembering her mom in Rea was soooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!

MAYBE it would have been a good episode if it wasn’t after a fucking cliffhanger in which Rea’s crazy ass father kidnapped Chihiro!

I am more expecting her to tease out Chihiro.

There’s enough fan service here to cause nosebleeds Seeing Mero can be contagious in depression. Last Page Stark – Jun 28, About Mero falling, after all that Mero despite panicking and running falls down in the spoiler and hurts herself.

FUNimation announced the following new acquisitions: The other friend in the spoiler had her nice time in the park on the swing.


So yeah, IMO, this episode blew big time it’s called a filler most shows have this. Mero is the younger sister of Chihiro and is an adorable girl I think once you get to know her. Spring TV Studio Deen.

Rea did win a few points with me this episode when she made her self scarce to avoid getting involved between Chihiro episoe Ranko. But good thing she is in good terms with her now.

Then hearing brother arguing with childhood girl.

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Ranked Popularity MembersI was surprised by this. Too bad this one was not so interesting.

All that you need to know of her that is basic to know. Edit Ending Theme “Above your hand” by Annabel.

War on Geminar Uchuu Senkan Yamato: Their mother is a zombie? Still a solid episode though.

E, enjoy this ep, was wondering when she would got some face was worth the wait.