And he asks her why did she leave him? Here another character pops up which is Taim who is Omar’s and Lamees’s old friend , who loves Lamees and tries to hook her up but of course she’s still in love with Yahya. Hey, the bloopers were really funny! I think he is a very profesional actor. He can’t forgive her! Now Yahya is on the run because he wants to prove that he didn’t do it! I just wish if u cant clean up what maya has said?

Then, Omar and Taim report to the police about Yahya and then the police comes and takes him but Lamees says that he didn’t kidnap her and that she went in her own will. I like Noor but it’s boringg. I LOVE that showww. Just put a pic of him next to one of Mohanad: I’m introducing you to the best tv show ever I know I’ve said so about Heroes, but this show is nothing like it. After some time, Lamees finds out she’s pregnant! If you are looking for content, think about the a variety of activities you do in the course of the morning–the down sides you deal with, the alternatives you use, the choices you are taking.

I practically go insane when Episodw miss just one episode. After some time, on the day of the wedding that Lamees’s family know nothing about because they wouldn’t approve of such a thing Lamees’s father gets very sick and asks to see Lamees and tells her not to marry Yahya and insists on her promising him not to marry Yahya and she promises her father!!!

Wednesday, October 22, I love the show! Buy real YouTube subscribers.


Cannot be compared to other episodes, now we are around the end of it – episode ? I just watch it.

It was so nice i feel very depressed now that it has finished. I think mohamet is not cute at all he is too blond and mean the series is also an bullshit Sznawat Then Yahya finds a tape showing that the gun was stolen and he turns himself in but the police let him go because they know he’s innocent! The history very arabiic Now, it is too late! Tout le monde arab est acro a ces series.

Yahya goes to see her and she tells him that she still loves him and that she shouldn’t have left him and says that she’s sorry.

Sanawat al daya3 arabic series episode 115

I couldn’t watch them all though, my connection is dernjer slow today. But I really love Deniz and Omer love story, they really suit. Sanawat al daya3 arabic series episode Although too many characters kind of made me confused: She obviously doesn’t go to the wedding, but later that day she goes to Yahya and tells him that their relationship won’t work out and atabic off the wedding and Yahya asks why but she only tells him that they’re not right for each other!!!

Like, if they fight or something, it doesn’t last long and it just ends quickly without any excitement. Meanwhile, Yahya’s friend Kamal who has some stocks from Omar’s family company, leaves Yahya in charge of that company and be the manager of it. I don’t really understand the plot of the story, because I,ve watched in arabic and I am not really keen.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Le film noor episode I have no word that describes it, wonderful- great- awesome- etc aren’t enough: They can’t afford such a price! That’s my favoritest show everrr. Yahya tries so episoce times to ask Lamees why did she leave him but all of his attempts fail.

Sanawat al daya3 arabic series episode : Playstation 3 playing 3d movies

I never watch it. Hi the series finally finished. Rafif gets pregnant and gets very sick, and so she is hospitalized. Many people buy downward-loaded home bedding since they feel that it must be naturally hypoallergenic. After some time she gives birth to a baby girl and she dies during giving birth.

Then, after some time Taim sends the same men to shoot Omar but not kill him and make it look like Yahya did it. Hello and thanx for your summary.

I mean Noor is so boring and rubbish. I think he is a very profesional actor.

Political Islam in Europe and the Mediterranean: The Rise of hamas in PalesTine asher susser and the Crisis youtube serie turque lo3bat al qadar. This episodes is one of the best I have seen, as simple as I can put it. Yahya is broken-hearted and started hanging out with Omar’s sister Lamees -Filliz- to try to make Rafif jealous but ends up falling for Lamees and she falls in love with him too.