Aug 21, 1: Views Features Reviews Columns. Saki replies about the hope to be back in a happy family, a word that shakes Koromo up. Meanwhile, Koromo explains to Saki that when she played against Shizuno, she found herself being able to perform her signature hand fewer times than she had hoped. This ends the first half. As the day of Kiyosumi’s first round arrives, Saki states her determination to reach the finals before she can talk to Teru.

Archived from the original on March 2, As the match comes to its climax with Mairu scoring a powerful hand, Toki wakes up in hospital. Whilst Himematsu enlist of the help of pro Yoshiko Kainou to help with a training camp for the semi-finals, Eisui invite Miyamori to join them on a trip to the beach. As the players put their training to practice, Hisa explains how she was once the sole member of the mahjong club, patiently waiting until new members joined her. Registering is free , easy , and private. That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice.

In the end, Koromo is relieved to find people who enjoy playing mahjong with her. As Arata also manages to make some wins, she recalls how Harue decided to appoint her club president, thinking of the feelings she is carrying to try and clear the semi-finals that Harue could not.

Yumi also gets a good play; and Koromo gets a little agitated, after paying too much attention to Saki. Based on the manga spin-off by Saya Kiyoshi, Saki Biyori is a gag series following the everyday lives of the series’ characters.

Meanwhile, Hisa invites the other captains over to discuss an upcoming training camp while Kana takes care of her little sisters as they play with an inflatable pool.

Eventually, Nodoka plays her online style, while remembering training camp; and she takes over the game tempo.

As the second half begins, Animesason brings out another one of her plays, the naked wait, and moves into second place. Saori Goto as Sukoya Kokaji. Nodoka recounts to Saki about her online play, due to the lack of players; but after entering middle school she participated in the team and solo competition of the middle school tournament, though only Nodoka anineseason. Hisa sends invitations to the other finals schools to join them for Kiyosumi’s nationals training camp.

The round ends with Mako in last place. Then the third match is played out with Ako against Senriyama’s Sera Iguchi. As everyone is put under pressure to win the final hand, it is Saki who ends the match with a cheap hand, bringing Kiyosumi and Himematsu into the semi-finals.


The second half resumes. Anlmeseason feels a bit off and decides to go barefeet, sside her mahjong games at home and at the training camp. And come their first year in high school, Shizuno, Ako and Kuro, now joined by Kuro’s older sister Yuu and Harue fangirl Arata Sagimori, as well as coached once again by Harue, lead Team Achiga to its first competitive season in nine years, with the former three intent on playing once again with Nodoka The years have passed, and animrseason excited third year Shizuno sees Nodoka on television winning the individual middle school tournament.

As the match begins, Nodoka immediately brings out her ‘Nodocchi’ play style whilst Hatsumi brings out her “Gates of Evil”.

Saki Episode of Side A (TV)

After the second round ends and the third round begins, with Episodde making some large plays, Izumi from Hiroko Funakubo hears about some of the powerful first year students in the competition before heading to the hospital to fetch Ryuuka. Yumiko Fujita as Eri Hariu.

Views Features Reviews Columns. Toyone soon performs another naked wait and moves into first place, pushing Kiyosumi into third.

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Kouko brings a video camera to a date with Sukoya. This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since animeseqson s! After Shizuno receives some encouragement from Ako, the match resumes. Sayuri Hara as Manami Moriai.

Koromo recalls the loneliness after the death of her parents. Another Tsuruga girl informs her teammates about a strong opponent during south winds.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. As the girls go out to eat, they spot Harue with Kumakura, who is talking with her about potentially joining the pro circuit again.

Shion Hirota as Female high school student ep 1 Miyuki Tsukabino. Suddenly, she builds a high scoring hand from “nothing”, which bypassed Koromo’s senses. Nodoka plays a questionable game; but then Nodoka gains momentum. Hiroshi Ikehata OP Music: However, this power soon becomes useless, as one of her opponents is Kaori Senooa timid beginner. The captain of the team, Mihoko Fukuji protects Kana. Aware of Hatsumi’s playstyle, Sae uses her ability to seal off her hands, though they are both surprised by Kinue’s play.

At the same time, she gets fired up against Nodoka, where she perceives this match as a personal duel between the two. They made her into who she is. As Saki returns to her inn, where she is visited by Koromo and Hajime, Nodoka is interviewed by the press about how she came to know the Achiga girls.


Awai resumes her double riichi play whilst Hiroko deduces that Awai’s play style stems from the corners of the ‘wall’ that the tiles form, though cannot sakl how Shizuno overcame it. After the first half, Sae, who is under stress from her power, recalls when Toshi became Himematsu’s teacher and advisor. As the third South Hand begins, Teru looks set to restart her streak whilst Kuro laments that she hasn’t been able to do anything.

Saki explains that it was Hisa’s only chance at the individuals, but Nodoka reminds her of the promise to play at her fullest. Meanwhile, Saki laments not being able to break out of episkde old playing style, worrying she may not be able to win against Kyouko a second time.

She starts strongly in her first match; but when the south wind approaches, the Hirataki High School player, Kazue Nanpotakes over the game and wins.

This ends the first half. Have you seen this?

The first round soon kicks off, with Kuro preparing to face off against Toki, Shindouji’s Kirame Hanada and Shiraitodai’s strongest player, Teru Miyanaga. Yuki makes a strong play during the game’s east round, particularly against Suzu. The story follows Nodoka Haramura’s former classmate, Shizuno Takakamo, who revives her school’s mahjong club so they can reach the national championships and see Nodoka again.

After a ten-day training camp, the girls set off for the nationals. Did you have to emphasize it like that?!

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The episodes were produced by the animation studios Gonzo and Picture Magicdirected by Manabu Ono, and episore by Tatsuhiko Urahata. In the main hall, Mihoko recalls her last interaction with Hisa, but Hisa doesn’t recognize her.

By the year’s end, Harue accepts an offer to join a company’s mahjong team, which leads to the closure of the children’s club.