Sanyu returns home and is surprised when her dad talks nicely to her. Sanyukta is not ready yet and when asked she locks herself in room. Now you are here. Recent Post by Page. She asks everyone to wake up. For me my time is so important. Sanyukta says she just wants three years then whoever they say she would marry him. They reach canteen where he makes his father seated gets lemonade and snacks for him.

Sanyukta enters her room and remembers the incident flashes. Both fall on bed and share an eye lock which breaks. All students are getting ready to leave. She hugs and consoles her but Sanyukta says to keep hitting her. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. His father says how he coul not fix only one thing all his life that was his broken heart and talks about Renuka.

She then tells her mum she will cook today. He tells everything about him. Randhir refuses and says should he tell her future husband how she kissed him. Harshita Gaur – Sanyukta: Randhir promises and says he never gets embarrassed because of him. Hello all, 3rd Feb update will be late by couple of hours more. Aryan comes and says better stay away from sanyu. Like 0 Dislike 0.


His father says how he coul not fix only one thing all his life that was his broken heart and talks about Renuka.

Sadda Haq 31st January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Randhir says he started learning about engineering in this garage so he always comes here januagy his free time to learn new stuff. Sanyukta confesses that she is in luv with randhir. Sanyu tries to hide.

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Ianuary are lot of mixed emotions. Randhir rushes to his father asks whether he is fine and he asks Randhir why is Sanyukta talking bad about him.

Both remember what just took place sometime back.

Aryan says Arjun, ex airforce pilot. Mahie Kohli 2nd Feb – 8: Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Nidhi gautam 31st Jan – I and my father are your fan.

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She remembers her kissing and fighting scene with Randhir. Dean tells Vardhan how Delhi college has announced names for their dream project which is headed by Kabir. She says to meet them and if they say yes they would talk to her request to let her study.

Anju says if she becomes successful ahead in life there is no use if none is there to share it sadca. Sanyukta and Kaustuki are packing when Sanyukta realizes she forgot her laptop in lab and goes to get it. Randhir says see what I do now. He asks his to his secretary you need to work on this girl. Randhir scolds his father for having cigarettes. SAnyu leaves in anger. Her mum takes her to her room and Sanyu shares her college experience with her.


She says her studies are not completed yet and she is not ready for the marriage yet. Pages Liked by This Page.

Jignesh finally hits Randhir. Jaanuary students are getting ready to leave. Sanyukta thanks Vardhan as she knows he talked to Dean to let her give exams. Sanyukta gives example of Renuka.

Now you are here. There are two conditions: Simultaneously Randhir is shown working in garage. Sanyu shouts anywhere else, but not to this house. The argument gets intense with Sanyukta slapping Randhir and Randhir kisses Sanyukta.