Jack Moon is eventually defeated, but he promises to return. Using the ‘Prize Key’ without transforming or having the key tuned, Kenji blows himself up. Kenji is playing baseball but doesn’t do very well and gives up when GekiRyuKen upsets him. Kenji is reminded of Jack Moon. He’s not on the side of the Jamanga either, as he demonstrated in his high-octane entrance battle with Lady Gold. The Canon of light returned Master Ryukendo back to normal, with no memory until the Jamanga attacked.

In the series aftermath, with GouRyuGun gone, Fudou resumes being a normal police officer, arresting Dr. They tell the viewers to keep on watching their adventures. Lady Gold appears and tries to take the crystal but Rock Crimson attacks her to protect Ichiko. Fudou takes it to the Power Spot to complete the tuning. The Madan Warriors fight him, but are overpowered Worm reveals that the balloon people will explode at noon. Fudou doesn’t dream, as he can’t sleep for Kenji’s snoring. Destroyed In Seconds Videos.

Part 02 by Arisha Faiyas Download.

RyuJinou stops the Tsukaima, allowing Kenji and Mikurya to continue to the base. Komachi delivers the flower to Setoyama despite not wanting to go back to being a spirit. To stop it and the out of control Grim Goblin, Kenji fights as well, eventually releasing GekiRyuKen’s energy and returning control to him. It then attacks him, ruining his hat. In this form, the Fire Familiar gains a flaming sword as well ryukedo a large shield that could move telepathically.

Fire RyuKendo fights in the forest. Hiroshi proposes marriage as Fire RyuKenDo accidentally gets the demons to converge on his eenglish Rin’s date. He and Rin jump out so he can transform in mid air and save her before they hit the ground. In Jamanga, everyone but Dr. The two Umis meet, but the real one wins and Nimen runs away. Koichi is injected with the potion while fighting Tsukaima.


Later, Komachi demonstrates that she has powered up into a poltergeist and can move objects, but Kenji tells her that he doesn’t want her to fight.

Madan Senki Ryukendo

Fudou distracts Grenstar so Koichi can try to enter orbit. Worm to form a humanoid fusion of both. It is the Aqua Key with the power of water. Just ryhkendo, an army of monsters appear and attack the police.

Meanwhile, Koichi teaches Kaori and a group of people how to fight with the staff. Entlish using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Episkde goes to ring the bell, weakening the sound enough for RyuGunOu to use Dragon Cannon, but the blast is blocked by the now active statue. He tell shis father that he wants nothing to do with the family business. At the workshop, Chief Yukimura bores everyone with his long speech.

His finishing attack in this form is the “Ultimate Dragon Cannon”. RyuKenDo then destroys his giant clone, restoring the people’s faith in him.

Fudou takes the key to Setoyama, but it causes magic activation device to overload when he tests it. Amachi makes him do sit ups while answering more questions When Beyond Dark revived spirits of the dead, Koichi gave his mother a heath flower he brought from Kaori, and realized that he needs to fight for himself, not for revenge.


Madan Senki Ryukendo : Ryugunou Special

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Meanwhile, Fudou has captured the thief, but as GouRyuGun explains what happens, he escapes, handcuffing Fudou and Kenji together. GekiRyuKen recovers and helps Kenji destroy the statue.

DaiMaOu enlarges, spreading his power around the world and creating Tsukaima armies in Paris and Episoed. As the fight goes on, Setoyama prepares to move the magic core, thus keeping the base hidden.

Meanwhile, a group of retired pilots attack the fortress in their fighters but they have little impact. At night, a theatre security guard sees Komachi, who he believes to be a ghost. Rin remembers an old boyfriend who was trying to protect the nearby river from pollution. DaiMaOu’s day of revival draws near.

Episods mourns Rock Crimson’s passing and vows revenge. He stole the Madan Ryu Core to give himself the power of a Madan warrior to avenge his parents, swearing a vendetta on SHOT until he learned that it was Baron Bloody who caused his parents’ deaths.

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MechaniMoon is sent after them but RyuJinOu fights it. Kenji, Rin and Fudou track the source of the virus, but Kenji is attacked by a super strong Ritsuko.

An injured Kenji later ryykendo off alone to settle the score with Jack Moon