With one more hint at their disposal and what they know of their last game that was edited out , Kwang-soo must be matched with Min-soo. What we’re watching by DB Staff. While some pairings might surprise you, others will be an obvious choice as they try to figure out who fits best with whom. It’s used to show where you stand with another person. It honestly can be simplified for everyone.. They earn one hint with their amended rules, and Jong-kook tries to finagle a hint out of the staff. Lilian February 8, at 9: As for our opening:

Have a prosperous year, everyone! I would have preferred to hear the other members’ fortunes rather than the guests lol Oh, and the part where Gary shamelessly promotes his song, hilarious. They can be super close and loving, but it’s what they’re comfortable with. The staff checks the last two teams simultaneously‚Ķ and confetti flies into the air. Kwang Soo pairing is weird Petmink February 9, at 9: NewFan February 10, at 5: Still better than some recent eps.

Your email address will not be published. They’re so cute together. Hee, then he blunders that there are actually two matches. Monday couple look so sweet!!!! But he means in the completely platonic sense so someone like Ji-hyo? Although it has some funny moments: The editing also not smooth, they don’t even show us the last game before final mission.

The other pairs are like friends Some speak in jondaemal in front of company and speak banmal when alone. It got better once the action started. The Easy Brothers are disappointed to be paired up together, but then again, you two were the ones eyeing that Best Couple Award this year.


In the end, Jo PD changes the rules and So-ri instantly brightens: The fortune telling was dragged too long. I agree and I want to see her on running man as a guest again.

I also liked the phone call game – that was fun and a nice quick trip down memory lane. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Kwang Soo pairing is weird He mentions that his guest appearance boosted his popularity, and suggests to the PD to fire Haha and hire him instead.

They can be super close and loving, but it’s what they’re comfortable with. Jenn February 8, at 2: So-ri calls episoce film director husband, and snaps impatiently at the mention that he could be busy at this hour. At the mention of his lucky wife versus his own supposedly failed venturesJae-suk quips: This ep is kind of a monday couple paradise!

It honestly can be simplified for everyone. The Easy Brothers make it back, but fail the mission for arriving too late, which earns them a round of scolding from the others. This was the first one that I stopped watching less than halfway through: Some married couples speak jondaemal to each other. I seriously hope they date. Kim Jong Kook and Gary pairing are funny.

Running Man: Episode ¬Ľ Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Jae-suk emerges on to the hearts and roses decorated set to meet his partner and guest, actress Moon So-ri. A train and a bus ride later, the cast gathers together at a restaurant for their next game. This ep was just kinda “meh” for me – I complained about the editing last week and then come to see that the editing for this ep was way worse.


Lilian February 8, at 9: Of course we are all comparing this episode to last week’s stellar show.

Ji-hyo was just standing there on the “Doing Nothin’ Team”. They realize that their fortunes held some hints, so they decide to pair off the Monday Couple as well as Jong-kook with Jung-hwa.

Running Man

If she does want to get married, I really hope she finds someone. As for our opening: He does pick up, and aww, the couple speaks to each other in jondaemal. I shall look upon this episode as a big breather as we are headed for RM Down Under, featuring a fabulous guest list and scenic location shoots. The evolution of her million faces aside, I have always loved Uhm Jung-hwa Do we have to listen to everything you say? Yea the editing was weird, and it was such a bummer not being to see the last game they played.

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