Stop all the nonsense about, “oh such a coincident! He said “now don’t go saying scary stuff!!! Hope he comes back again and gets paired up with Haha! Even if there were some funny moments I couldn’t continue till the end Sir, for the third time you have talked for 2 minutes without getting even close to answering the question that has been asked. There were so many unexpected laugh out loud moments for me in this episode! I loved hye-jin’s confession about calling her then boyfriend. Aside from a few slaps and noogies, no one is going to hurt anyone else.

She does gets edited out of previous episodes at times, but where do you get the sense that she does that? I hope when Gong Yoo makes his next visit will be on summer.. He’s basically a one trick pony. Rocket chairs, hot potatoe, etc. At least he gets to win sometimes No such thing happened. I guess, well, what other way can you fake another MC pairing up opportunity right?

Rock, Paper, Scissors X-TREME : gifs

Is it just me or does she episide fucking stoked that she lost as she grabs the seat and prepares to be launched? When I was watching it on dramafever, the line was translated as “I’m single” so maybe Jihyo was implying that she’s not dating her CEO anymore? And Bora is really game and fun.

The original people on the show had such great chemistry.

The Blue Team chooses a kind of chewy candy, and you can see Hee-soon getting increasingly annoyed but in silence! Haha keeps watch outside and sneaks back into the building once he spots Gong Yoo inside.

Add eleven, the five squat punishment, the minute time limit in the food mission, and lastly, the three audience members who helped out. If you have some common sense and try to use some logic, try to comprehend that the editors obviously will edit away parts there are not or less entertaining. Ji-Hyo is a trooper. Thank you for the recap I’m so happy for him!

Well, kind of but you didn’t have the team HaHa and SukJin being forgotten in the background. And I think it is just a wee little bit unfair that the two current targets are essentially a team together.


I didn’t even think of it, but now that you suggested Jae-suk and Seung-gi I remember those scenes and wish they were paired! Granted, like KJK said, the game would have gone smoothier but episkde are here for variety and not just them doing missions isn’t what most people here were complaining episore some episodes? Link to the episode http: Up to episode right now.

The entire cast should fix their attitude first I love how this site is so positive. He is wasted in variety, just join the police force already!

Park hee soon is also so funny for being ” the guy who cannot do anything” at least he tear KJK nametag. Happy to be dry, funmanclub gives a big hug to his coordi. So much teasing will happen! Anyway, I didn’t think Kwang Soo behavior was innapropiate or annoying. He and Ji-Hyo are the best finders traditionally actually. It would have been awesome.

That doesn’t make any sense” runnning sorry Mr. She was such a bundle of energy throughout the whole episode.

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This episode is a good rejoinder to those people who keep claiming the games on Running Man are “scripted. Talking about this episode in particular, I’m offended that he is trying his tricks when civillians are involved. No links to image pages or albums are allowed, your submission must be a single gif image.

Just like the Monday Couple is a concept created by the PDs, but fans swear it’s real. He then waits for his opportune moment before going in, and the two wrestle to the ground. The Christmas themed teams aka Red and Green ready themselves for the squatting task. Please use Karma Decay to see if your gif has already been submitted. And all the mind games when they were choosing people to be the main suspect.

Beats me about the raiders though. What “throwing an elbow” would have said about the situation was that the cameras were on and Song Ji Hyo was playing rough just like the boys epksode. Looking fwd to ep 2 of NoF. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe LKS was one of the most bullied characters and sometimes, they were too much but I’m not seeing anyone here complaining?


They follow via taxi.

Running Man Episod |

Screw scissors, why can’t paper do this to people? Thank goodness Epissode reacted fast enough to wrestle him to the ground.

I wouldn’t mind a game if they had the members vote for people again and then there would be some sort of twist, such as it benefiting the member with the most votes instead of ousting them first.

She’s not as fragile as some female guests on the show, and she doesn’t panic easily, or Kwang Soo would not have tried that particular schtick. If any is interested in watching the show you can see the episodes at. I also felt sorry for KJK cause everyone always want him to get mah, i get it he is such a strong player and this is variety not real but i felt bad for him that everyone wants him out and he knows it too which is more sad.

Then of course before that you had Jong Kook behaving like Sherlock Holmes again, when he solved the lock password. However, I feel that the ripping tag games is a bit lacking as finding a tiny eplsode whistle in the dark is super hard so there are not many reversals in the show. This is from the immensely popular Korean variety show Running Man.

But Jong-kook escapes soon enough and frees his teammates as well. KJKFan December 16, at 5: Kwang-soo may have his role, but I maintain my opinion that he takes things too far and isn’t as entertaining anymore.