I somehow felt that other idols are a bit uncomfortable coz of kwanghee.. He has done well in numerous games and has even ripped off the Tiger’s nametag. The members head out one by one, and suddenly Ki-kwang makes a run for it. Kind of like the Park Ji Sung ep, I just automatically liked him. I think tonally, this episode was just off. They take out gold colored name tag medals instead and raise them high above their heads with pride. Idols that caught my eye the most: Excellent way to begin the New Year!

Time to kick off the new year with the Running Man cast and four idol boys who come to join in on the fun. Did jihyo cry after that ji-won yelled at her?! Their third game takes place at a swimming pool and Mr. Does that make him Spartakooks Junior? Jonghyun didn’t do much but he was so adorable in this episode with his tv viewer mode, lol always smiling and laughing and RM casts seems to adore him as well, Suk Jin bond over with him, lol the rest think he’s a curious kid and not a threat, KJK patted his head and was sorry when he ripped his tag most of the comments in RM articles after the episode were about him Yonghwa was his usual ACE self though he didn’t looks that well. Just watching them made me feel tired!

Running Man: Episode 422 Recap

Lee joon is funny too, Yong Hwa is witty and yet they can’t speak coz kwanghee was such an attention seeker Sleeping Bag Express Karaoke. PD outlines the rules of the game at the final mission location. But in any case, they decide to focus their attention on Ji-woo. One of my fave fave actors! But L especially needs to speak up a little more, with the attention he gets from just from participating I don’t doubt he could get majority of the screen time if he talked a bit more.


This episode was a pretty entertaining one throughout so it was definitely a hit for me.

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This episode was just so good. Episode 6 by Helcat. Is that not enough?! But Suk-jin slowly inches towards the two men and so Ji-hyo and Simon D rush to hold him runbing. He was probably only pretend to do those stuff but never for real. Each team is given 20 minutes to find a hidden cash prize. Ha, these animals masks look awfully familiar. Late comment mzn I just watched this, but I felt very disappointed at this episode, though it was undeniably hilarious at times those shorts!!

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. She’s so small yet so fierce.

I really like how the members are still able to create drqmabeans moments through simple games but I am missing the episodes where more exciting moments are created.

Jae-suk marvels at the Pretty… and then record scratches at Kwang-hee. Why am I getting the feeling that this level of pseudo testosterone was eerily absent in a certain drama? It didn’t feel like a freebie win to me. I wished they had done more of the karaoke game and less of the paper puck one that game took so long lol.

Episodes by odilettante. If Giraffe is to be replaced once he’s off to the millitary, my bet’s on Yonghwa! I find Choi Ji Woo a great guest cause she can go toe to toe with the RM members in spouting those randomly funny lines.

As for the squealing, that seems to be a common trait among Korean women not used to team sports. But watch out – a taste of power can be a dangerous thing.

Running Man: Epic Guest Appearances | Lore In Stone Cities

Heechul stays in the background in these types of shows because he really can’t do much physically because of the leg injury he had years ago. Runnning man is one of my stress relievers I love the cast they are amazing!! So Team RM wins the playground games and picks up two more gold bars. Hee-suk gets mah prime opportunity to eliminate Jong-kook not too long after the whistle blows.


If kwanghee wasn’t there the other idols can make it fun. I love it when actresses chuck their high-profile personas to the sidelines for the sake of variety. They try the telepathy test out on themselves, but then Jong-kook and Gary answer differently. There are only 2 cannons equipped with whipped cream as part of the punishment, but three members are subject to the penalty.

Poor Kim Jong Kook.

Despite bringing his “A-team”, his losing, winning, and ultimately losing is the joke. The SpartAce “Ant Hell” was classic. And when people were insulting each other and complaining about the games, it felt more real then usual. Suk-jin actually did better that i had expected.

Operation Find Shoe-stealer will be in full swing this week as the cast hunts down the one trying to swipe their dramabeana. I was so worried when i found out L was going to be a show. Episode 12 by LollyPip. ImAPirate August 9, at 5: Thanks for the recap, gummimochi! Their third mission is a dodgeball game and the boys will have to protect the ladies from the opposing team.