I hope MY will be able to create that chemistry with her, because she can melt hearts in romantic scenes. The job is alllllll the way down in Pohang, on the opposite coast in the South. I still thank them from the bottom of my heart. The company holds a meeting with its directors, who look favorably on Tae-mu and praise his accomplishments. Besides, seeing how the Joseon F4 had such difficulty investigating the crime, I smell some political conspiracy. Except they go to the pond every year. Yeah, I think having survived living the palace which usually involves scheming and back-stabbing, I think our Joseon F4 is well equipped to handle Tae Mu.

Yi Gak goes looking for Park-ha in her department, surprised to hear she resigned this morning. Men are so …. It lead into a great start and landed with Yi Gak blurting out his feelings in the open.. The ducklings tell Becky and Mimi that Yi Gak is marrying another woman, to their outrage. Jun Min Seo Supporting Cast. As per the murder mystery of the past, am thinking Sena had a man in the past that killed her after she married the Prince They don’t have Yi Gak’s imperious tone, but if we’re looking at grammar and vocabulary, they are still definitely doing the funny sageuk-speak. There is room to grow.

Because humans feel more pain?

Rooftop Prince

KStyle April 27, at 1: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. I don’t know if this is k-drama sacrilege, but this show has me as addicted as Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Mom will play along and therefore realize how evil her first born is Actually, I’d really like to see them become increasingly competent and successful by learning how to utilize their talents and adapt their skills in their new reality.


He races home and finds her room already empty, her phone shut off. The recap is really helpful!! The overall reaction to the first episode has been positive all around. That would suck, being a human and all. Now I want moaarrr please. An interesting statistic, maybe, but useless.

It’s definitely the dead sexy speaking voice. Please don’t be that ending.

I can’t understand why differen’t people were used. Mom notices him looking at the photo and explains their family relationships, identifying Park-ha with her father. I thought that exactly as I was watching the episode You make a great point and you are funny!!!!! And of course the feelings! Guzal Tursunova Supporting Cast. Well, it might be possible if they lose their respective memories. He just keeps improving.

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I thought so too. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Also, I agree with needing an eclipse, unless they turn out episoee be aliens and have found their transporters. Maybe Yi Gak is used to assuming an air of command around the ducklings, and Park-ha knows he’s a prince so he has to act like one.

I just watched Padam Padam and I loved it and of course she was great as always but find her better in Rooftop Prince. Does he not register the resemblance, or will this be a belated realization?

It’s a group called ‘Portrait. Kil Yong Woo Supporting Cast. Well, if they are truly destined for their contemporary counterparts, I guess it could happen if YG and PH’s memories of each other are erased anyway.

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A tear falls from his eye, and then hers. I like the fact there’s so much charged feeling in the kiss. I remember my days at mysoju So glad he finally figured out she is Bu Yong’s reincarnation. I was once incurably addicted to You’re beautiful, after that I promised myself that I would stay away from Kdrama for a while. Yeah, but he was the one doing all the work, Yoona just stands there I don’t think her lips were moving so really, it doesn’t make that big of a difference.


So squished faces did the job for now. She supposes that his father told him the truth. Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast.

And show, please spare me the plastic surgery. Waayy off topic here: She looks momentarily hopeful, but then hurt again: The Joseon Power Rangers. Kim Yoonmi April 26, at 8: Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast.

Thank you for the recap!

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When Yi Gak’s gone, it’ll be so sad for both of them I personally think the drama still considered good rating wise, as long as it hits two digit. That one teardrop during the kiss made my heart almost burst from so many feelings.

Email required Address never made public. Lets not worried too much about the rating. Her sneaky, lying ways come as a shock, and he fumes in frustration. The boys dutifully try to meet their contacts, only to be turned away. Na Young Hee Supporting Cast. If they stay, Yi Gak and Park-Ha will be together, but the other three will continue to feel like fish out of water since that time is not theirs to live in.