So this new year is definitely going to be an awesome one for the movie lovers. Arup Jt Barua 7. Bistirna Parare — So, now tell us your point of view bellow in the comment box. Also you can give some stars below as your view. On looking at the trailer and one thing is for sure that we have a new action-romance south Indian stylish film.

Crucial Factor — The lead pair and the content of the film. Watch the amazing trailer of Kothanodi. On looking at the trailer and one thing is for sure that we have a new action-romance south Indian stylish film. Post by Rimpi Das. Tumi Ahiba Buli Lyrics: Arup Jt Barua 3.

Commercial elements are essential these days and there is a assamesd need to expand the market and moreover, the film is getting released in all the theatres but less number of shows.

Kothanodi-The River of Fables- is a film about four mothers. Watch the amazing trailer of Kothanodi.

Arup Jt Barua 3. She riaang herself as having been sold to her husband. Also all popular thrillers have a villain who is evil and powerful enough to exact trouble on a grand scale.

Also you can give some stars below as your asssmese. Tumi Ahiba Buli Lyrics: Post by Anupam Baishya. Featuring in International Film Festivals may give you fame but remember, the film has to be screened for more days to collect more.


Arup Jt Barua 6. Ahetuk Director Bani Das By. Rewind — Assamese Films.

Majh Nisha Mor — Zublee Baruah — Wedding Photos. The reason behind why this film is in the list of most awaited is the director Chandra Mudoi, the man who gives many commercial hit films to the industry.

Dug Dug Dug Dug Dambaru — The mistake must be in either the selection of an actor for a particular character or the output from an actor is delivered less than needed. Point of difference — This bilingual film Assamese and Asswmese is full with south Indian style romance, action etc. Post by Himangshu Jaan Sarma.

Manuhe Manuhar — South Indian Action Director Sailendra has designed the action scenes which looks little impressive.

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As a south Indian, I know the formula of Commercial Cinema and have been comparing one industry to the other. These films have a POD point of difference but as well as a critical factor.


Jatin Bora has been an iconic presence in the field of art and culture in the State of Assam, is the most accomplished film actor as far as Assamese cinema goes.

Please develop the scripts in a way that you yourself cant stop to watch your output on the screen. Gaane ki Aane is going risangg hit the theatres very soon and definitely it will gain positive response. Means at least 3 shows in all the theatres in Assam along with 4 shows in selected theatres.

Post by Rimpi Das. Arup Jt Barua 5. Post by Kamal Bikaash.

Rishang – Assamese movie directed by Manas Barua

I have found that the filmmakers are getting compromised regarding the subject and making art films mostly. Ami Asamiya — The plantation and its social routine become a prison of boredom for her since her husband completely neglects her for his business. Post by Bhukhan Pathak.