Doh, just noticed that you are over in VB land Try the following: Chris Bohatka Chris Bohatka 2 I think this is a business decision you need to make to decide is the performance hit ok for less modifications or not. Member Dec 0: You might also like. I think I have mentioned this one to you before, but it might have been someone else:

You saved my day Alomgir Miah A 6-Mar 5: Post a reply Enter your message below Sign in or Join us it’s free. The attribute is applied to the template property we are using: This is really very good but has a small problem if you use a Web App project in VS as there is no error checking at runtime by design and this is usually resolved by adding a web deployment project that should find the errors but in the case of your repeater it does not find any errors you may have made in the syntax Container. Hey, I am not sure what else to tell you. The attribute is applied to the template property we are using:. That was the easiest part, just overriding Init:

Seems to work fine inside a Web Site but not a Web Application. But before going to the interception, let’s build the generic classes that will serve as Container and new Repeater. The rowclass property is an example of something you can do with the properties.

You uses Eval “Field” as I see. For cawt combine first and last name into a fullname property. Regards, Maria Ilieva the Telerik team.

Keep up to date with the coolest technology news, analysis and reviews from industry experts. I’m not understanding why you declared an ‘item’ variable but did not use it.

Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed? You can gain even better performance with dataihem casting if you use a DataReader to bind your control and use the specialized methods to retrieve your data.


Alternating Types in Bound Repeater. Posted 03 Aug Link to this post Hi, Unfortunately I cannot replicate the error you are facing at my end.

Download and install Reflector Find out what code does the thing you repeaater to change Find the smallest hack needed to make it work as you want Write hack and enjoy results The code of interest to us is TemplateContainerAttribute and ControlBuilder class. If the record that is being data bound contains many fields, it may be more efficient to use the ItemDataBound event.

I don’t dataitfm what these red are doing there. As you mentioned above, Eval does late binding and uses reflection but you also only have to touch your viewmodel for changes.

There are alternatives to using DataBinder. This is simply brilliant! I’m not sure if I follow you exactly with the files but here is what we tend to do.

Using Explicit Cast instead of to Increase Performance – CodeProject

This all comes down to the type of object that you are putting into the Repeater’s DataItem. ToString but its not working Hey, The book is a little bit older, yes, but the concepts that it cover have been around for a good bit longer, so they are still relevant.

But it is quite easy to trick ASP. Posted 02 Jan Link to this post Hi Shinu I guess what I’m trying to discover is a way of accessing the underlying column values when e. Eval 1, times if you use DataBinder. Hmmm, it is hard to narrow it down to one specific cxst, as you will find these concepts littered through lots of books. Articles Quick Answers Messages.

c# – DataBinding: Eval() vs em casting — best practices – Stack Overflow

Download source files – 8. Posted repezter Aug Link to this post Hello, I am not quite sure about your requirement. Posted 21 Dec Link to this post. This is the question. This was a bit harder since there is no predefined PropertyInfoDelegator. I ended up grudgingly using an OleDbDataAdapter so I could continue caat the project, but this will be good to know in the future!


Good programmers write code that humans can understand. My vote of 5 Member Feb Meanwhile, you can download the code and play with it. Thanks for pointing me to this omission. A quick guide to using nested repeaters in ASP.

Improving ASP.NET Performance Part 7: Data Binding

I suggest that you try using the DataBinder. ToString ; i really like the. Originally Posted by motil. All-in-one monitoring Monitor your websites, servers, applications repeatrr more Dashboard shortcuts that make systems monitoring q Data binding can often lead to performance problems if it is used inefficiently. Sign up casf Facebook. That testing and performance is only something you decide based on all the factors within your organization.

Posted 03 Aug Link to this post.

How to access underlying row in ItemDataBound event

So if you need to combine multiple sources of data you can instantiate the class with the different predefined inputs. Sign up using Email and Password. NET to build a Repeater with generics support. Posted 02 Mar in reply to Luca Link to this post. DataItem as a DbDataRecord. NET in four steps: