Magina is assigned to go after Mireska, while the other two are to keep watch on Carl. Forced by his stubborn Master, Monkey King finds himself playing support. Mortred finds herself pregnant and in need of money. Magina and Traxex find themselves in a desert where they encounter the Sand King and are swallowed by quicksand. Back in school, they find that the chemistry lab has been bombed. Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper is a ranged agility Carry hero in Dota 2 which uses such abilities: All fighters determined to win this war.

Outside her house, Krobelus appears and reveals her prophecy that Nortrom will die within a year. More action and drama back on Earth. She bumps into detective Morphia, who tells her about a murder case. After detention in the library, Traxex hides behind the shelves to peek at Nortrom after hearing some rumors about his ex-girlfriend’s ghost. Shendelzare’s prank on Dragonus causes Magina to have a fight with Carl. Epilogue to ‘Prisoner’ reviews One-shot. Nerif promises to take Mortred home but leads her to Magina’s illusion. Chen orders his mob to attack Nortrom and Riki comes to his aid.

Beauty and karrel Butcher reviews The Butcher finds a new obsession other than fresh meat. Traxex bumps into Magina and tries to persuade him into joining her in the war.

She also finds out about the archery club. Strygwyr talks about some of the teachers having special powers and reveals that he has been testing movi from students and colleagues.

Mortred confides in Traxex about killing a former martial arts opponent. A young substitute teacher, Rubick comes to class. Many Arigor 2 pro gamers often picks Pudge and Sniper in real games and go on different lines: Traxex returns to Earth for the World Archery Championships to get a gold medal in exchange for the Daedalus.


Magina and Traxex almost split ways, but decide to stick together.

At the moment you can’t tag a person in a photo. All of them revive in Nortrom’s office where they discuss roping in Magina. The assassin is in fact a robot created by Kael Sunstrider in collaboration with Akasha.

After a sparring session with Yurnero, Magina is surprised to see Mortred. Traxex finds herself famous, as a world champion archer. More action and drama back on Earth. Mortred stumbles into the cave where she meets the rajgor and Nerif, who uses the robot to show her the past and the future.

Dota 2 Pudge vs Sniper – Hero battle Butcher vs Kardel Sharpeye fight #22

Carl and Akasha find themselves facing obstacles in their relationship. Clinkz develops a crush on her. He confronts Chen, who casts Penitence on him crippling him with his bs guilt and shame. The characters in this chapter are the heroes used in the winning team in the International 5.

Violence, strong language, lemons after chap The students gather in the auditorium where they watch raitor new Head of Discipline, Miss Akasha, spank some students.

Mortred is in a dilemma whether to accept a new assassination assignment. While recovering in the cave at night, he bumps into Magina, who has just arrived at the monastery. Epilogue to ‘Prisoner’ reviews One-shot. Traxex sees Furion delivering flowers and asks him about Krobelus’s prophecy about Nortrom’s death.

Shendelzare’s prank on Dragonus vw Magina to have a fight with Carl.

Nortrom interrupts the choir’s singing a ritual to summon their god Obelis. Traxex tries to do work in the computer lab when the Shadow Fiend appears.

HoN hero comparison

They explore the battlefield and find Carl, who doesn’t recognize them. Traxex gets detention and Raijin leaves for Japan. Riki spies on them and blackmails Traxex for the Radiant stone. In the finals, she faces off with Lyralei and wins the tournament. After searching everywhere, she finds Carl in the rraigor and seeks his forgiveness.


After enduring an awkward Parent-Teacher conference, Traxex reveals to Nortrom the location of the Holy Knight’s base.

Traxex Drowthe main character, joins Dota High School and gets acquainted with the students karde teachers there. Magina avoids Mortred, focusing on destroying the Dire towers. The girls gather at Luna’s place for dinner and they play a game of Truth or Dare.

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T – English – Adventure – Chapters: Meanwhile, Tiny the robot continues to grow in size. Nortrom drives Traxex to the woods to talk to her about the cult.

Mortred carries out her first assassination job. The winner will be only one. He ends both performances with a twist using his magic spells. Part 3, Chapters 39 – ongoing: Traxex is too tired to vss on archery jovie with Miss Medusa, as she has been harassed by Krobelus in her dreams.

The Shadow Fiend appears and kills Nortrom. Meanwhile, on Earth, Dr. After sleeping with Carl’s father, Akasha seduces Carl. In the process, the computer lab is wrecked.